Canadian Adventure Fun

Looking for some adventure fun in Canada? Canada offers several adventure opportunities to its visitors no matter you are beginner or veteran. Below are lists of few most popular Canadian adventure fun that are worth doing once.

Skiing in Whistler

Whistler is one of the most popular ski destinations of Canada and in North America.

It has become world famous especially after 2010 Winter Olympics. The Whistler Blackcomb Mountain was the main venue of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  It offers about 200 extra long marked trails. The highest vertical drop is 1609m; which is highest in North America. Whistler is around 2 hours drive from Vancouver, BC and the drive from Vancouver to Whistler through sea to sky highway is really amazing.

Whale watching

Whale watching on the western coastal region of Canada is one of the most fun filled activities. Best whale watching season starts from August. Visitors can see the killer orca whales, sea lions, porpoises, along the way. The best way to watch these sea animals is by kayaking. You can also see orcas rubbing bellies along the pebbly beach of Robson Bight. It is being said that this is the only places on earth, where orcas do such funny activities.

The Trans Canada trail

Trans Canada trail will soon become the world’s longest recreational trail. The trail starts from the most eastern region of North America and it will go all the way to its pacific end. It will approximately take two years to complete the whole length of 21,000km once it is completed. You can also enjoy horseback ride and biking in between the journey. It is a multi-use trail which will allow hikers, horseback riders, bikers, snowmobilers depending on the regions and seasons.

Storm watch on Vancouver Island

Every winter, the western coast of the Vancouver Island becomes the major attraction for the people who loves seeing the spectacular storms. There is no land in between the Vancouver island and the islands of Japan. The storms driven on the coast of Vancouver island because of the continuous low pressure created by the Gulf of Alaska which results in the high winds and roaring high waves punching to the western coast. You can also take tours which are available for the storm watching here or go to the Wild Pacific Trail which will offer a very good cliff-top view.

Rafting in the Shubenacadie tidal bore

The Bay of Fundy receives the highest tides of the world which rises up to 15m every day.   These extremely high tides results in a high tidal wave which is also known as bore that flows to the Feeder Rivers at the time of high tide. As a result of this bore, the Shubenacadie River in Nova Scotia has become extremely popular for the tidal bore rafting. The height of the wave however depends on the phase of the moon; it will foretell the rafters whether they are going to experience wild or mild.

Polar bears in Churchill

Churchill is northern most regions in the state of Manitoba. This is the major bear migration route. The polar bears spent their winter hunting on the frozen bay and spent their summers on the land. They pass through the town of Churchill in the month of October. There are tours available to watch the polar bear show of migration. There is a 24 hours vigilance from September through November by the local authorities.

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