Indoor Waterparks for an Absolute Winter fun

Winter time is approaching. Make your winter as interesting, fun and adventurous as the rest of the seasons. One of the fun things to do in winter is to visit an indoor water park. Sounds interesting!! Isn’t it? You will get wet in a fully temperature controlled environment. The indoor water parks offer water slides and pools for kids too. Mostly all indoor water parks have something for all age groups.

Here are the lists of few indoor water parks where you can plan to go during this winter:

1. H2Oasis; Anchorage, Alaska

Well, Anchorage would be a great destination to have an indoor water park. Here, the winter temperature rarely rises above the freezing point and you will not get the glimpse of sun that often. H2Oasis, an indoor water park in Anchorage is a perfect place to beat the winter cold.

The key attraction of H20 is 42-foot ride called “Master Blaster”. It is a “water coaster” that hurdles around on rubber inner tubes which has the speed around 20 miles per hour and goes around on a steep drops and hairpin turns and ends with a big splash in a pool. There are several other popular attractions such as a Wave pool, a Body Slide and a 575-foot twisty Never Ending River.

2. Avalanche Bay; Boyne Falls, Michigan

Avalanche Bay indoor water park is covered in around 80,000 square feet of wet and crazy fun. It is decorated in a Bavarian style just outside Traverse City, MI. It is the biggest indoor water park in the state of Michigan. It is one of the favorite spot for a family vacation.

The key attractions of this park are extensive Fiberglas roof which has the Splasherhorn water roller coaster, Vertigo Cannonball tube, Rip Zone surfing simulator, as well as a 900-foot lazy river. It also offers hot tubs, climbing wall, video arcades, and a well protected area for your toddler.

3. Kalahari Waterpark Resort; Sandusky, Ohio

It is an African themed Kalahari Waterpark Resort located in Sabdusky, Ohio. The main attraction here is the Flowrider, which is a surf-simulator that spits a 5-foot wave. Another major attraction is the Zip Coaster, it basically whisks the tube-riders up in the speedy climbs and down in to a shocking drops. For small children there is an area known as “Wild Kingdom”. Here children can play water guns, do net crawls, and other wide variety of the water slides.

4. World Waterpark; Edmonton, Alberta

World Water Park in Edmonton, Calgary is one of the largest indoor water parks in the world. It is covered in 5-acre area and is located in West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary. It offers over 20 water activities. The main attractions here are the Raging Rapids ride, it is an inner tube or a body surf in 5 foot high wave which takes the rider to a strobe-lit darkness. Other is Tropical Typhoon; it belongs in the category of extreme slides where a dizzying funnel-slide spins around in circles before dropping you into a splashing pool. The Park also offers bungee jumping ride, hot tubs. There is a Caribbean themed area in the park for parents and toddlers to enjoy together.

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