Top Beaches of Hawaii

Hawaii is the visitor’s paradise -the greenery of the surroundings and the warm serene water of the ocean refresh everyone’s mind. Hawaii has been the top tourist destination of the world from many decades.  It offers immense natural beauty – wherever you go and even if you are staying for weeks or months, you will feel it shorter. Hawaii has some of the top beaches of the world. Whether you want to do surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or even strolling along the beaches with kids and family you have it here. Here are our pick for 5 top Hawaiian beaches you should not miss on your vacation.

1. Waikiki Beach
Where: Oahu, Hawaii

Waikiki beach is one of the most famous among the visitors. It is located on the south shore of the Honolulu Island. It is normally crowded, however it’s a nice spot where one can swim, surf, canoe, surf and snorkel at the same place.  The beauty of the Waikiki beach starts at the yacht harbor where you will find different types of boats, starting from sporty, racing to salty-dog blue cruiser. Waikiki beach are mostly packed with stories high hotels, restaurants, theatres, and shops.

2. Honaunau Bay

Where: The Big Island, Hawaii

Honaunau Bay offers some of the best snorkeling location in Hawaii. The bay is located just next to major Hawaiian historical landmark, Place of Refuge. The water of the bay is crystal clear making it a perfect place for scuba diving. The beach becomes very busy during the weekends. Apart from the pristine white sandy beaches, and snorkeling, the Honaunau Bay offers its visitors beautiful underwater paradise. It is the Place of Refuge that attracts many scuba divers all around the around. It is because of the Kilueau volcano eruptions which poured lava into the ocean, which then hardened into large, smooth formations which has now become home for the colorful reef formations. Honaunau Bay is for every levels of divers starting from the beginners to experts.

3. Kaanapali Beach

Where: Maui, Hawaii

Kaanapali beach is located on the island of Maui. With over 120 miles of coastline, Maui offers more than 30 miles of gorgeous beaches. On these famous shorelines you will find black, white as well as red sand beaches with well known surfing, windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling spots.  Among several beaches in Maui, the Kaanapali beach is one of the most beautiful. It offers 3 miles of white sandy beaches. You will find some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts along the coast lines here. It is a perfect beach getaway, if you just wanted to relax by the sea side along with the wonderful scenery to look around. Soak in the sun during the day, and if you want some spiritual heals, visit one of the massage parlor on the coast of Kaanapali beach.

4. Kauna’oa Beach

Where: The Big Island, Hawaii

Kauna’oa Beach is perfect for the visitors who are in quest of some pristine sandy beaches in tranquility. This beach is quarter mile long beach and is located in a very quiet area. The area of the beach is kept clean by the famous Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. Apart from just keeping it clean they also make sure that the area is full of healthy corals and fish. There are some restrictions for the visitors who are not staying at the resort but they can still enjoy this beautiful beach.

5. Poipu Beach

Where: Kauai, Hawaii

Poipu Beach is located on the southernmost tip of the island of Kauai. The unique thing of this beach is that it offers calm waters at the shore. As most of the beaches in Hawaii are famous for amazing surfing, Poipu Beach is famous for its serenity and golden beaches. It is more popular among the families with small children and toddlers as a matter of fact that the sandy floor never gets deeper more than 3 feet. There are many picnic area, covered pavilions, and shower and bathroom facilities.

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