Beautiful Yakima River Canyon

Yakima River Canyon is located in the south-central part of Washington State  around 115 miles south east of Seattle.

What to see:

Yakima River Canyon is home to many wild animals. Here you can find hawks, falcons, eagles, deers, blue herons, big horn sheep, osprey, elk, rattlesnakes, and various other species of mammals.

This recreation site is becoming popular in the recent years only. Many improvements and developments are already in plan for this site.  In summer, many people get down in to the river for  fishing.  It is home for fisheries of best blue-ribbon.

Basalt rock cliffs form the Yakima River Canyon gains height up to 2,000 feet above the river bed. Many beautiful desert wildflowers  can be found on the way. It is a 15 miles long canyon which cast shadows on the sparkling water of the Yakima river all along the way. It is incredibly beautiful.

Direction from Seattle

Drive on I-90 E Highway towards Spokane.
Take exit 110 to merge on I-82E/US-97 S towards Yakima.
Take Exit 3 for thrall road towards WA- 821
Turn right at Thrall Road towards WA- 821
Turn Left on Canyon Road/ WA-821

If you ever get chance to visit Yakima from Seattle, do not forget to take river ride.

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