Popular Shows of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is world famous for just two things first is Casinos and second is shows or live performances. With so many casinos and hundreds of shows going on every hour in these casinos, it’s difficult to select the best shows. Here are our lists of popular Las Vegas shows that you should include in your itinerary of your next Las Vegas trip. Some hotels offer free show or discounted price for the show if you stay in their hotel. Before hitting to the town of casinos, spend some time to find such deals. You will get exciting offers from travel companies like Expedia, Kayak, etc. It’s nice to save some money.

1. Absinthe, Caesars Palace

Absinthe is one of the most popular shows in Las Vegas. The show runs every night except Monday at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. It features one of the most extreme comedy, breathtaking acrobats, and various other adult themes.  And the best thing is that the cast of the show performs just feet away from the audiences. Get the details of timing and price of the shows here.

2. The Beatles “Love”, Mirage

It is basically the blend of performances of Cirque du Soleil along with fabulous music. The cast performs spectacular artistic expressions that you will fall in love with for sure. The show of “LOVE” is played in a theater at ‘The Mirage’.  The theatre offers 360° seating and sophisticated HD video projections. The fantastic panoramic surround sound system thrill audiences in all corners of the theatre. Get the details of timing and price here.

3. Blue Man Group, Venetian Hotel

Blue Man Group is a show comprising of performances of music, multimedia, and comedy. The show entertained audiences and make them tapping their feet on floors. The show plays every night 7 days a week at Venetian Hotel & Casino. Go enjoy the show like you never enjoyed before. Get the details of timing and price of the shows here.

4. Mystere, Treasure Island Hotel

It is the first ever Cirque du Soliel show that hits the strip of Las Vegas and is one among the best shows in the city. The show is an exciting blend of amazing athleticism and levitated acrobatics. The show plays at the Treasure Island hotel from Saturday through Wednesday at 7.00 p.m and 9.30p.m. Get the details of timing and price of the shows here.

5. Phantom of the Opera, Venetian Hotel

Phantom of the Opera shows runs at the Venetian Hotel and Casino and has been voted as the best show of the year 2006 by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Phantom of the Opera is the one of the most prominent musical masterpiece. Audiences thrill by its fabulous special effects and enhancements of the custom built theatre. It is worth for every penny you spend for the show. The show plays every night except Sunday. Get the details of timing and price of the shows here.

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