Shopping in Paris

Paris is heaven for serious shoppers. Well, there are many options and it really worth if it suits your pocket too. Whether you are on a business trips or pleasure, shopping in Paris is on everyone’s card. There are various kinds of shops from small boutiques to big malls and galleries.

There are hundreds of things you can buy from Paris but listed below are the most popular things which you should buy when you are in Paris and it really worth.

1. Perfumes

Most people buy perfumes from Paris. You will get the best perfume here for yourself as well as for gifting. Even if you are not going outside the airport, a few hours layover is enough to buy branded perfumes in a duty free shops.

2. Fashion

Paris is a fashion paradise. It offers all big brands designer clothes. Champs Elysees is one of the most popular places in Paris for the designer shopping experience.

3. Antiques

If you are antique lover, Paris is a good place to get some of the very good antique piece. There are many dealers in and around Boulevard St. Germain and Rue du Faubourg. There are few things that you should consider while buying antiques in Paris. You will require special permit before buying antique which costs you more than 1 million Euros or those which are 100 yrs old or more.

4. Souvenirs

Most popular souvenirs from Paris are the little Eiffel tower. It is easily available anywhere in Paris and is a perfect gift for family and friends after a Paris trip.

5. Wine

Paris offers some of the best wines that you should take home with you. You can buy a very good wine from a duty free shop of the airport.

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