Popular Harvest Festival of the World

Thanksgiving, USA:

In America, the harvest festival is celebrated on 4th Thursday of November, and it is called as Thanksgiving. The tradition of Thanksgiving was started in the year 1621 when the Pilgrims shared a celebration with the Native Wampanoag People. It is the time when people offer thanks to their family and friends. It is the time when people make turkeys, pumpkin pie, and other favorite dishes.

Thanksgiving, Canada:

Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated mostly on 2nd Monday in October. The first thanksgiving festival was started in the year 1872 to show appreciation to the Prince of Wales’ recovery from serious illness. The celebration takes place in the same way as in America.

Yam festival, Ghana:

The Yam Festival of Ghana generally celebrated in the month of August after the rainy season ends. It is a very popular festival of both Ghana as well as Nigeria. It is named after one of the most common food found in African countries i.e Yams. Yam is the first crop that is harvested in the season and during this festival people offers yams to Gods and ancestors. After the offerings, yam is being distributed among villagers.

The Harvest Moon Festival:

It is the harvest festival celebrated in China. It is being celebrated from last 3,000 years starting from the China’s Zhou Dynasty. It is being celebrated on 15th day of the 8th lunar month according to the Chinese.


Chusok is a Korean harvest festival celebrated on 15th day of the 8thmonth of the lunar calendar. It is the time when family members visit tombs of their ancestors and also offer fruits and rice.

Indian harvest festival:

In India, different states celebrate harvest festivals in their own way. The most popular among them are Pongal celebrated in southern India on January 14, Baisakhi is celebrated in northern India on April 13, and Onam is also celebrated in south India in mid-August. The principle belief is same for all these festivals.

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