Tulip Festivals of North America

The Tulip Festivals are celebrated in several places all around the world. Tulips are considered to be the beginning of spring season. The flowers are at its peak in the month of April. But due to change in the weather conditions, the dates of the full bloom usually change by a week or two. The Tulip festivals are one of the most popular tourist’s attractions of the cities and surroundings.  

Here are few best places to enjoy the beautiful tulip festival of North America:

Albany Tulip Festivals

The Tulip Festival in Albany is one the largest events of the city. It attracts thousands of spectators to the Washington Park where the events organize. Every year the events are celebrated on the mother day weekend that May 8th and 9th. There are thousands of Tulips blooming in the wide varieties of colors. The whole park brightens up with the attractive color in this month of spring.

Canadian Tulip Festivals

The Canadian Tulip Festivals is considered to be largest Tulip festival in the world. It is annually held in the month of May in Ottawa and Gatineau. The festival displays more than one million tulips of various colors and types. There are huge displays of tulips which are planted all around the city and the largest display of tulips can be seen in Commissioners Park on the shores of Dow’s Lake. There are more than 300,00 tulips planted on the Rideau Canal alone. Apart from the huge display of tulips, the visitors can also enjoy music performances and delicious food from the variety of international cuisines.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festivals

The Skagit Valley Tulip festivals in the state of Washington organize every year in the month of April. It is celebrated in the farmland of the small city of Mount Vernon. The bloom dates depends on the mother nature as it varies due to the weather conditions. It displays numerous fields of multi colors tulips, daffodils, and Irish flowers. Thousands of visitors from the Washington state as well as neighboring states and Canada come to visit this beautiful display of flowers. Apart from the flower display, there are various tours conducted, other activities, art displays, and gift shops available. The festival attracts visitors of all age groups.

Woodburn, Oregon Tulip Festivals

The Woodburn, Oregon is celebrating Tulip festivals every year since 1986 during the month of April. The vibrant colors of tulips in acres of field looks like heaven on earth. Woodburn is surrounded by large farmland all around and is just 35 miles from Portland to the south. Every year there are new patterns of colors of tulips in display. There are over 40 acres of tulips and daffodils fields in display. Apart from the display, there are many activities and events organize during this time of the year.

Lehi, Utah Tulip festivals

Every year the Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah brightens up with the vibrant colors of Tulip. The Tulip festivals celebrated every year  during the months of April and May( depending upon the mother nature) tulips and daffodils blooms in large acres. It is a three weekend celebrations in which apart from the flowers display, there are many activities and tours conducted for kids as well as adults. Visitors also enjoys great food and drinks here.

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