Beautiful Smallest Island of the World

Come with us to the journey of world’s smallest Island getaways.

1. Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Location: The Indian Ocean, around 9 miles off the coast of Mozambique

Area: 6 miles

Attractions: Secluded crystal clear beaches with turquoise water all around, display of migrating dolphins and whales, sea turtles, adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Best time to visit: all year round

Getting there: A boat ride takes about 45 minutes, you can also take 10-minutes helicopter ride from Vilanculos. Great idea would be to book a Great Safaris tour, which offers wide knowledge about Mozambique and Benguerra Island.

Lodging: There are 3 boutique beach resorts available, the Azura Lodge offers 14 private beachfront villas.

Cost: Rates starting from $695 per person per night, which will include stay at Azura Lodge, round trip air transportation to the island.Please, check back the current pricing at their website at

More Information: and

2. Little St. Simons Island, Georgia

Location: Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Georgia

Area: 10,000 acres, 7 miles of beaches

Attractions: Little St. Simons is an island covered with big cedar trees and Spanish moss. It is a great place to enjoy the beach along with the activities such as canoeing, boating, fishing, so on. You can go on a nightly owl prowls or to rescue eggs of an endangered birds with group of naturalists.

Best time to go: Spring and fall

Getting there: It takes 15-minute boat ride from St. Simons Island; you can also reach the Island from the Savannah International Airport (SAV) or the Jacksonville.
The nearest international Airport (JAX) is located about an hour from Savannah.

Lodging: There is only one place to stay in this island, this lodge at Little Simons Island can accompany maximum of 32 guests, there are 16 guest rooms in this lodge.

Cost: Starting from $575 per individual, which includes the round trip ferry, meals, recreational activities and gears. However, check back the current pricing on their website or call 888/734-5774.

3. Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands

Location: South Atlantic Ocean, around 300 miles off the coast of South America

Area: 5 miles/ 1.5 miles

Attractions: Orcas, elephant seals, penguins, the island comprises of 7 permanent residents.

Best time to visit: October through April

Getting there: Take flight from Santiago to Stanley, in the Falklands archipelago, and then take another 40-minute flight to Sea Lion Island.

Lodging: Sea Lion Lodge, there are total 13 rooms in this lodge.

Cost: Starting from $144 per person. Check back rates at

For more information about the place go to

4. Caye Caulker, Belize

Location: The Caribbean Sea, just 20 miles off the coast of Belize

Area: 5 miles/o.5 mile

Attractions: Great place for snorkeling, fun place to hang around on the beach side, it offers the biggest barrier reef of the western hemisphere.

Best time to visit: December to May, it is generally dry season for Belize

Getting there: You can take 10-minute flight or about 60-minute water taxi from Belize City to Caye Caulker.

Lodging: You can stay in one of the two, first is backpackers lodge named as Popeye’s or Island Magic Resort.

Cost: Price for Popeye’s starts from $35 per person per night, for more information and for current pricing visit . Price for the Island Magic Resort starts at $130 per room per night. For more information visit

For more information about Belize Tourism Board call 501/227-2420 or click

5. Fox Island, Alaska

Location: Resurrection Bay, just off the coast of Seward, Alaska, USA

Area: 3 miles/1 mile

Attractions: Great place to see variety of marine life, great for wildlife viewing, sea kayaking, nature hikes, and opportunities to view seabirds, whales, and sea lions.

Best time to visit: From June through August

Getting there: It takes 1-hour boat ride to reach Fox Island from Seward

Lodging: There are 8 cabins available at the green Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge. The electricity here is powered by solar generators. For more information visit

Cost: It starts from $349 per individual per night; it includes the boat ride from Resurrection Bay to the lodge, and meals, which are cooked by a private chef. Check back for the current pricing.

For more information about the place, please visit Convention and Visitors Bureau at

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