Best Countries to Enjoy Food

Food has always been related with travel, no matter where you go. It also helps in understanding the local culture of the place. Below are the names of few countries where food attracts visitors as much as the places of interests in that country. It is very likely that you cannot resist the mouth-watering aroma of the food here.

Here are the names of best countries where you are going to enjoy the food as much as you will enjoy the place:

1. India

As diverse is the culture and languages in different parts of India, there is a diversity of food. The striking taste of rich and flavorful spices in the dishes will lifts up your taste buds. The food habits here differ from state to state, even from town to town basis. Whether it is a roti and naan from north, or dosa and idli from south with delicious mouth-watering chutneys, it attracts visitors equally. The food here can be broadly classified as north Indian food, which will include Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Mughlai, Kashmiri, etc, and south Indian food, which includes Tamilian, Andhra, Chettinad, Udupi, Kerala, etc. Apart from various rice, lentils, wheat, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, there are whole lots of appetizer dishes. To name few most popular ones are samosas, pani-puri, chat, etc.

2. Thailand

Thai cuisines stand out for its distinctive sauces and ingredients. Thai food is popular around the world; however, to taste the authentic flavor of the Thai, you must be in Thailand. It is a country, which attracts millions of visitors all around the world offering spectacular natural beauty. The beauty of the nature and flavorful dishes generally goes side by side. The main distinct flavor if the Thai dishes comes from their use of garlic, special chilies, lemon grass, lime juice, and cilantro. Also their most famous fish sauce is favorite among the visitors and locals alike.

3. Greece

No doubt, Greece is a perfect tourist destination for the people around the world. The food here is equally attractive as the place. You will find tons of flavors in Greek cuisine. Olives has always been the key ingredients in the Greek cuisine.  Fish is also one of the main items in their daily diet.  One of the most popular Greek dishes is mezedes, which is an appetizer that is served before the main dishes or with it. It is generally served with ouzo or tsipouro. Pita bread is also popular and is liked by huge population around the world, but you will get its authentic flavor when in Greece. So do not miss it on your trip to Greece. There are so many dishes, which you can try, and to name a few are Tzatziki, Moussaka, Spanakopita, and Greek Salad.

4. Mexico

When it comes to Mexico, you can imagine a nice pristine beaches and lots of spicy food. No doubt, we get the Mexican dishes in the restaurants in most of the countries of the world, but to taste the real Mexican flavor you have to be in Mexico. Starting from the mouth-watering enchilada to burrito, the flavors of the spices and the accompanied salsa is very difficult to resists. If we go back in history, we find that the Mexican cuisine has influenced by French and African equally. Beans and corn are common and main ingredients in their dishes.

5. Italy

Italy offers one of the world’s most famous dishes that are pizzas and pastas. It is rarely any country left in the world without the carvings for pizza, pasta, spaghetti especially among kids. There are huge diversity in the Italian cuisine and we can find that it has been influenced especially by the ancient Greeks, Etruscan, ancient Roman, Byzantine, Arabs and Jewish cuisines. One of the most popular Italian dishes is Mushroom Pesto Lasagna and when made with pure and fresh ingredients it sparks the taste buds. As in Mexican food, Italian also uses beans a lot in their dishes. To name a few popular dishes to try when you are visiting Italy are Risotto, Pesto sauce, Italian bread and biscotti with coffee in the breakfast, and extra virgin olive oil, which are accompanied with many Italian dishes.

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