Top Attractions of Greece

Greece is a country full of spectacular sceneries, landscapes, ancient monuments, and countless other activities. It has always been one of the most famous destinations for tourists all around the world. Mouthwatering delicious Mediterranean food, mythical legends, sandy beaches, and ancient sites fascinate visitors. Greece holds some of the world’s most magnificent and famous architecture that we know today as “Athens’ Parthenon”. Continue reading

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Top Honeymoon Destinations of India

India is becoming very popular among couples all around the world as their honeymoon destination. The country offers variety of choices for honeymooners. Whether it’s a majestic mountains, pristine beaches, or ancient forts and monuments, it offers everything to start your relationship with a romantic spirit.

To help you plan your cherishing honeymoon, here are our top honeymoon destinations of India especially for the beach lover couples. Continue reading

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5 Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful holiday destination in Mediterranean. It is fun place to visit in any season of the year. The culture of Cyprus is mostly influenced by the Western Europe despite of its close proximity with Asia and Africa. It has been one of the oldest sites of the human civilization. Archaeologists have found remains of the humans from the prehistoric time, from the Stone Age period.   Continue reading

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Most Popular Historical Destinations of India

The history of India is very old, rich and varied as the country was ruled by several rulers, empires and dynasties.  Every dynasties and rulers who ruled India left behind their heritage in the form of architectural monuments, palaces, and buildings. The places where they built monuments are of great historical importance in present day India. Visiting these places will make you feel like you went back in to the time of Kings and empires. You will amazed to see the beautiful architecture of some of the most striking and famous historical structure of India. Continue reading

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5 Beautiful Places to Visit in San Juan – Puerto Rico

San Juan has been a beautiful small Spanish colonial town for many years. Still today it has got the same old feelings although San Juan is developing fast into a metropolis. It is the capital city of Puerto Rico. It is a major and the biggest commercial center in Caribbean. The city spends millions of dollar in preserving its rich cultural and architectural heritage with utmost care.

Here are 5 beautiful places that you should visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico: Continue reading

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