Top 10 Scenic Byways in America

America has many beautiful scenic roads and byways. If you are planning to take a road trip, here are the lists of few a scenic and pouplar drives America:  1. Historic Columbia River Highway Columbia River Highway is a gorgeous winding and the first paved road in the Northwest America. It... 

5 Most Scenic Drives of Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful desert state with several beautiful waterfalls. The state offers few amazing scenic drives. Here are our lists of 5 most scenic drives of Arizona: 1. Apache Trail: Apache Trail offers some of the best scenery in central Arizona sitting right from the comfort of your... 

Best Christmas Celebrations in USA

The most wonderful time of the year is the Christmas time. No doubt that Christmas is celebrated in every towns and cities in USA, but there are few places where the celebration is something very special. Here is the list of few cities where Christmas celebration is very beautiful.  1. Branson,... 

Prettiest Places on Earth

See how many prettiest places on our lists have you already visited? If not, why not adding few places from this lists in to your itineraries for your next dream vacation. 1. Grand Canyon, United States Where can you find such a magnificent natural formation on the earth other than the Grand... 

Top 10 US Fall Destinations

With the onset of Autumn, brilliant show of color from bright yellow to red color appear in the vegation spreading in different parts of the United States. The foliage season starts from early September in North Eastern region and ends in late October in Southern region of United States. Here... 

Tips On Fly Like a Business Class

Can you imagine a business class travel without actually being in business class? Well, experiencing business class facilities varies from airlines to airlines. For some airliners, business class means just a little extra inches of leg spaces, especially in the small airlines.

If you are a frequent flyer on an economy class, you can still manage to experience like a business class passenger. read more

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5 Places to Visit in December

If you want a break from hustle and bustle of holiday season and the chilly winter cold of the North, here are few lists of places where you can think of visiting at this time.

1. Orlando

It is a nice sunny spot for those who want to get some break from the cold winter weather. December is the best time to visit Orlando. Weather here during this time is wonderful. There are lots of attractions to visit here. All the major theme parks are here like Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc. read more

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Popular Festivals of the World in January

After the big celebrations of the New Year in all parts of the world, these are some of the most popular festivals celebrated around the world in the month of January –

Ati-Atihan Festival, Philippines

Duration of the Festival: 14th -16th January

The Ati-Atihan festival is celebrated on third Sunday every year in the month of January. It is a mixture of Thanksgiving and Mardi Gras of America.The festival is celebrated in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines. read more

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Tips on Worst Case Travel Scenarios

No matter how well planned your vacation might be but it can be ruined by some worst case travel scenarios. Here we will discuss some of the worst case travel scenarios and tips for what to do in such case.

Passport Lost

You should immediately report the loss of your passport to the state department and the local police of the country. read more

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Beauty Tips for Travellers

It is tough to think how to look great at the same time you are travelling. It is even harder when you have restrictions to carry liquids or gels with you on a flight. Well, not a whole big pack of hair styling gel or mascara, but you can carry a small amount with you. According to TSA regulations, you can carry up to 3 oz. of liquids with you on board. Just put it in a clear plastic bag or in a zip lock pack. You can put several 3 oz. liquid container as long as you can adjust them in a 1 quart clear zip lock bag. read more

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