5 Beautiful Trekking Routes of the World

Trekking requires great deal of fitness and planning. It is not possible unless you are serious walkers or hikers. If you think you are fit for trekking, here are the list of few beautiful treks around the world which you can consider doing. Continue reading

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Shopping in Paris

Paris is heaven for serious shoppers. Well, there are many options and it really worth if it suits your pocket too. Whether you are on a business trips or pleasure, shopping in Paris is on everyone’s card. There are various kinds of shops from small boutiques to big malls and galleries. Continue reading

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Unique Restaurants in USA

Not only the food attracts to one restaurant, it is also overall ambience, enjoyment, atmosphere of the restaurant which makes people visit it again and again. Good restaurants will put smile on your face as soon as you enter. There are some bizarre and unique restaurants which will take your breath away.

Here are the lists of few unique restaurants of United States:

Casa Bonita, Denver, Colorado Continue reading

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Top 5 Worst Weather US Airports

1. O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL

Chicago O’Hare International airport is one of the busiest airports of United States. The airport delay occurs here because of rain, snow, thunder-storms, wind, and low clouds. The city is so windy that the tailwinds could push planes out of its optimal spacing on the airport’s 3 parallel runways.

2. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Detroit, MI

Rain and snow hit Detroit flight delays to a great impact. Continue reading

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Travelling With Pets

Leaving your pets back home when you are going for family vacation is really hard. Here are few tips for traveling with pets.

Pet-Friendly Flights

Look for the airlines which are pet-friendly. There are indeed many airlines they are indeed animal-friendly. So before booking your flights keep in mind about it. Also ask the airlines or read their regulations about the furry friends. As some airlines allowed them to be carry-on but some allowed for checked in only. Continue reading

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