Crater Lake National Park

Crater LakeCrater Lake National Park in United States is located around 250 miles south of Portland, Oregon. It is the fifth oldest national park which was established in the year 1902. Crater Lake was formed after the collapse of Mount Mazama around 7,700 years ago. The explosion which created was considered to be 42 times as powerful as the 1980 eruption of the Mount St. Helens. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States with its deepest point in the lake being recorded as 1,932 feet. Continue reading

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10 Essential Things for Beach Vacation

Going for a beach vacation? Have you pack everything you need for your stay? It is highly likely that you may forget few things you may need at the beach. Here is the checklist for all essential things you should have for your beach vacation and some packing tips.

1. Extra Swimsuit: Pack extra swimsuit at least two. Swimsuit is the basic requirement when you are in the beach. Continue reading

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10 Essential Things For Camping Trip

Are you planning for a camping trip? Well, first of all you have to decide what activities you and your family would like to do while camping. some people like to go on vacation on the seaside,  ocean beaches. Many prefer to do some hiking, backpacking and enjoy the nature. If you like extreme adventure then you might think of the place where you can do some water rafting, skiing, or bungee jumping. Continue reading

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Ocean Shores A Nice Weekend Getaway

Ocean ShoresOcean Shores in Washington State is located 135 miles south-west of Seattle and approximately 75 miles west of Olympia. It is a nice spot to spend your summer weekend. Ocean Shores city falls in the Grays Harbor county of Washington. It is surrounded by Pacific Ocean. There are lots adventurous things that you can do in the Ocean Shores. Continue reading

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Antelope Canyon A BreathTaking Place

Antelope Canyon is one of the breathtaking places on earth that you should visit in your lifetime. This slot canyon is located just 6 miles east of Page, AZ. It offers a magnificent view of canyon formed in several million years by wind and water. It is a must-to-go place for nature lovers and photographers. There are two antelope canyons located nearby – the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. Include the visit to these canyons with your visit to Grand Canyon or the Monument Valley as it is not too far from these places. Continue reading

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