Prettiest Places on Earth

See how many prettiest places on our lists have you already visited? If not, why not adding few places from this lists in to your itineraries for your next dream vacation.

1. Grand Canyon, United States

Where can you find such a magnificent natural formation on the earth other than the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon is one of the five natural wonders of the world. It is located in the state of Arizona, United States. The amazing views and depths of the canyon are beyond any comparison. Continue reading

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5 Most Popular Hill Stations of India

India is surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountain ranges. Running from north to the east lies the mighty Himalayas, the western and central part are the beautiful Aravallis and Vindhya ranges, and Western ghats are in the west and south. Because of these beautiful mountain ranges, India is surrounded by beautiful hill stations too. The hill stations of India relieve visitors from the scorching summer heat.

The 5 most popular hill stations of India are : Continue reading

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Essential Things to Carry on a Road Trip

Planning for a road trip this summer? Road trip is the most popular adventure for thousands of Americans every year in the summer months. It is indeed a great way to enjoy the views of places all along the way.

The summer season is just on its way, and so must be the road trip planning. Soon we must be hitting the road, and we must not forget about the essential things to carry on a road trip. Continue reading

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Scenic Cruise Ship

Some of the most beautiful places on earth can be best seen by a cruise ship. Through sea, we can reach to the places where we have no other means of transport. There are scenic cruise ship, which will take you to some of the most breathtaking places of the world.

1. Antarctica

Beautiful Antarctica! Ah so clear and quiet. It is a place where every nature lover dream of visiting. The beauty of Antarctica can be best enjoyed by a cruise ship. There are several cruise ship available that operates here in the season. Continue reading

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Top 5 Popular Places to visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world is located in Central America. It offers lush green forest, beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and wide varieties of flora and fauna.This place is filled with endless attractions and natural beauty.

Are you planning for Costa Rica vacation, here are our top 5 popular places to visit in Costa Rica for you: Continue reading

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