10 Essential things to Carry on a Ski Trip

Are you planning a ski trip? If you are first timers, then fun and excitement for the trip gets double. There will be hours and hours of research about the best ski destinations as well as what to pack for it. Please check our article on popular ski destinations of USA and Europe.

Here we have listed 10 most essential things that you should pack on a ski trip.

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5 Most Popular Wildlife Safaris of Africa

Africa is a world famous destination for a Wildlife Safari. It is a huge continent with countless different landscapes, people, cultures, and off course the wildlife. Visiting the Africa’s wildlife safari is one of the most beautiful experiences of the lifetime.

Here are the lists of 5 most famous wildlife safaris destinations of Africa: Continue reading

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Most Spectacular Places on Earth

The world is full of spectacular beauties in the form of waterfall, sand dunes, lakes, mountains, canyons and so much more. Here are our lists of few places on earth whose spectacular beauties will take your breath away.

1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world located in Bolivia, in South America. Continue reading

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Best Places to Visit in Washington State

Washington is the northwestern state of the mainland United States. The state is full of beautiful landscapes and scenes. There are wide variety of places to explore starting from sea beaches to spectacular mountains and national parks. For the adventure lovers, there are tons of things to do like hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, mountaineering, boating, backpacking, and more. Continue reading

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Highest Bungee Jumping Locations of the World

Bungee Jumping is one of the most dangerous adventure sports. Obviously, it is not for everyone, only the adrenaline junkies have heart to attempt it. Here are the lists of world’s 5 highest bungee jumping locations you might be interested in.

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA

Height: 1,053 feet (321 m) Continue reading

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