10 Essential Things For Camping Trip

Are you planning for a camping trip? Well, first of all you have to decide what activities you and your family would like to do while camping. some people like to go on vacation on the seaside,  ocean beaches. Many prefer to do some hiking, backpacking and enjoy the nature. If you like extreme adventure then you might think of the place where you can do some water rafting, skiing, or bungee jumping.

As you plan for your other holiday vacation, camping trip should also be planned well. Otherwise, it may ruin your vacation rather than becoming a memorable vacation.

Here are few essential things that you should carry with you to the camping trip.

1. Food: Food is on top in the 10 most essential things to carry on your camping trip. It is something which nobody will forget but keeping the right amount of food to survive is very important. Apart from carrying food to cook you must carry some packed/prepared food that will last for a long time. Make sure that you should carry more than sufficient amount with you. If you are going with small kids then you must carry all their favorite food items starting from milk, fruits, cookies, to crackers.

2. First Aid Box: You must carry essential medicine with you. Like ointment for minor injuries, burns, cuts. Also make sure  that it carry bandages , gauges, antiseptic wipes, and instant cold packs.

3. Compass: Compass is yet another thing that you should carry with you to camping especially if it’s your first camping. For example, if you are going for hiking, compass will help you to stay in track.

4. Extra Clothing: Pack few extra clothing in your backpack. Keep sufficient amount of sweatshirts, shirts, and pants. Also pack your caps, gloves, knee pads. If you are camping in a beach, you should carry the beach foot wear, beach clothing, hats. Otherwise, if you are planning to do some hiking in the mountain, you should carry the hiking shoes with good grips on it.

5. Camping stove & cookware: If you are going on camping for more than a day, you should carry camp stove, fuel, and some cookware so that you could make food for yourself. Because at the remote location of camping sites you will not get food. Also pack some essential utensils like mugs, plates, pans, pots and cutleries in your luggage.

6. Tent: Tent is an essential camping gear without which you cannot do camping unless it is provided by the camp sites. Buy good quality tent, it will protect you from direct heat and rain.

7. Sleeping Gear: If you are staying overnight, then your camping gear should be equipped by a sleeping gear. You should carry a good sleeping bags. You will find wide variety of sleeping bags in the market with different insulation fillings and temperature grading. Choose the right one depending upon the weather where you are camping.

8. Knives and other utilities: A utility tool kit with knife, scissors, can opener,  and pliers will be very helpful.

9. Flashlight: In most of the campsite you will not find electricity, so carry a flashlight, headlamps, or even lanterns with you. It will be of great help if you want to go outside for a nature’s call  during night.

10. Water: Water is one of the most essential things to be with you all the time whether you are inside your tent or you are going for a hiking. Arrange enough water because you will not only need water for drinking but also for cooking, and washing.

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