10 Essential Things to Carry on a Backpacking Trip

Backpacking is a great way to come closer with the mother nature. There are several scenic hiking trails all over United States and around the world to experience the beautiful nature. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Some serious hikers and nature lovers take several weeks and months off and go for backpacking trips to some strikingly beautiful place. Backpacking trips are fun, interesting, exciting and above all it will offers great way to experience the world where you live.

Are you new for the backpacking trips and looking for some ideas about what to pack? We have come up with the 10 most essential things that you should carry and prepare for your next backpacking trips.  

1. Maps and direction:

First  and the most important things to carry with you is the area map where you have planned to go for backpacking. To get the direction in the woods is another important thing, so to know on which direction you are heading you need a compass. Otherwise you will just lost and very likely to go round and round in circles and not finding way out of it. Get a good compass and map of the area and around. Cell phone with a coverage on the area would be of great help.

2. First Aid Box:

First Aid Box must always be with you. You never know, you are going in woods you might have cuts, burns, etc. A handy reach of first aid medicines, bandages must be there. Remember, you must keep bandages and other dry items in a zip lock pack only in order to prevent any water seepage due to rain, etc. Also make sure that you have some anti-itching cream just in case you have a poison ivy encounter.

3. Food and Drink

Energy bars are must, it is light take less space and fulfill your energy needs. You can also take trail mix which contains nuts and dried fruits and offers required amount of energy. These are non-perishable items which is just perfect for any backpacking trips. You are tend to get more dehydrated if it’s a hot summer days. Apart from keeping lots of water bottles, you should also keep electrolytes. Electrolytes will help you from getting dehydrated.

4. Accessories:

These are accessories, but are very important tools for a backpacking trips. They are toilet paper, knife, scissors, trash bag, wet wipes, and a flashlight.

5. Good Backpack:

Buy a good backpack, which is comfortable yet lightweight. Make sure there is a belt on the waist to provide extra support for your shoulder.

6. Comfortable clothes:

Well, there are no such dress code for back packing trip. Wear clothes which are light and comfortable. Also keep some extra clothes if you have to change. Pack light clothes, keep in mind that you have to carry all the weight on your shoulders. Keep ponchos just in case it rains. Bring few extra socks, preferably not cotton because cotton attracts moistures and it dries up slowly.

7. Shoes:

It is another important things that you should best invested in. Buy a good pair of hiking shoes. Because on this trip, shoes is the only which will be continuously on use. So it important that you wear comfortable shoes.

8. Tents:

Shop for lightweight but good quality tents. Buy tent which suits your need, if you need for two persons get the tents for two don’t get the larger tent. Other things to bring with tent is the sleeping bag and good ground cushion which keeps you insulated from the cooler ground.

9. Fire starters:

Carry tinder to bring on the fire. You can take a fire-starters which can create sparks and fire. so you don’t have to carry much matchsticks.

10. Utensils:

If you are planning to prepare food in the woods, then you should buy utensils which have lightweight like aluminum. It preferably should have non-stick surface and should have handles.

Again, above are not the exhaustive lists for a backpacking trip. It varies and depends from place to place and also from person to person.

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