10 Essential things to Carry on a Ski Trip

Are you planning a ski trip? If you are first timers, then fun and excitement for the trip gets double. There will be hours and hours of research about the best ski destinations as well as what to pack for it. Please check our article on popular ski destinations of USA and Europe.

Here we have listed 10 most essential things that you should pack on a ski trip.

1. Skis:

Each and every items that will be listed here would be must item to carry on a ski trip, but first comes the skis. Well, if you love skiing and planning to go for it every year, then you should get one of your own rather than renting. It is okay to rent if you go very occasionally. If you are getting your own set of skis be sure that you get good one that suits your need. It is waste of money to buy professional/experts skis if you are only the beginner. Feel free to ask the store employee.

2. Ski Helmet:

It is very important that you wear helmet. Skiing is fun, adventurous and dangerous too. You safety is first, so get a good quality yet attractive helmet which will keep your head safe during a fall down.

3. Ski Boots:

Not all boots are right for skiing, buy proper ski boots. Quality and comfort of the boots can be taken good care of. Because you will be wearing this boot on the hill slopes for not less than 4-5 hours a day. Try on number of boots than come for a decision to buy one.

4. Snowboard:

If you are planning for snowboarding, make sure the ski destination where you are planning to go must allow snowboarders before buying snowboard. It is important to take care of the length, width and flexibility of the snowboards. Depending upon the ski locations you are going, you have to choose the one which suits the need. There are many in the markets. Don’t hesitate to ask the store employee.

5. Gloves:

Well, nobody should ever forget gloves while going for skiing. However, it is important that you have a good quality gloves to withstand the cold temperature continuously for a longer period of time. Ski gloves are different. If your hands are cold, then you will not enjoy the trip and obviously make yourself sick.

6. Ski goggles:

If it is sunny, make sure that it is going to be very intense sun reflection coming out from the snow. To protect your eyes from the intense glare of the sun wear sunglasses or goggles. Get the good stuff; make sure it is the plastic one and preferably the one with a wrap-around.

7. Sunscreen:

Even if you are not feeling the heat of the sun that much, if it is sunny the intensity of the sun rays are very high which will result in sunburn on the skin. And as you will spend long hours skiing on the hills, it is very important that you apply a good sunscreen preferably SPF 20 to protect your skin from damaging.  Apply at least 15 minutes before going out in sun. Also important is the lip balm, cold wind makes your lips dry and cracky, keep it moisturizes with good lip balm.

8. Ski wear:

Wear proper ski clothes. Wear clothes in layers, it will keep you warmer. Also it will be easier to cool yourself by taking out few layers. There are many great collections of ski jackets available in the market.  Keep few additional clothes for the trip for layering, additional gloves, and cap.

9. Rucksacks:

To keep your all accessories, a good rucksack can be very helpful. Keep it compact and make sure that it has a waist strap to keep it right in place. Put all your accessories like lip balm, sunscreen, etc just on reach.

10. First aid kit:

Last but not the least first aid kit is very important, should be kept with you at all time. Keep the kit on your compact rucksacks.

Above are not the exhaustive list, there are so many other things to carry for the trip such as currencies, camera, body lotions, ski tickets/pass, and list goes on.

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