Beauty Tips for Travellers

It is tough to think how to look great at the same time you are travelling. It is even harder when you have restrictions to carry liquids or gels with you on a flight. Well, not a whole big pack of hair styling gel or mascara, but you can carry a small amount with you. According to TSA regulations, you can carry up to 3 oz. of liquids with you on board. Just put it in a clear plastic bag or in a zip lock pack. You can put several 3 oz. liquid container as long as you can adjust them in a 1 quart clear zip lock bag.

Now here are few tips how to look good in and after you come out of your flight:

1. It is better to keep your hair tied with scarf or something to fight the bad hair after the end of the long journey in a flight.

2. Carry dry shampoo, it will help you to take out extra oil from your hair and scalp.

3. You can also use a leave-in conditioner on your hair. Then drape it in a scarf, you will find a deep-conditioning treatment while on a long journey.

4. Carry a good hair brush, well this is not something to be forgotten to keep while you are going for a trip.

5. You can also carry a hair shine paper. It will help you reduce the static and dullness of the hair due to journey.

 6. Eye pads are must. If you are travelling for really long distance, eye pad is really needed. You will get cucumber eye pads in the market. It is pre-moistened which offers calmness and refreshes your puffy eyes.

7. Carry pre-moistened makeup removing cloths which are very much available in the market. Use it to clean your makeup or just use it to clean your skin after or in the middle of your journey. Make sure you keep these pre-moistened clothes in a clear plastic bag.

8. You can carry and use cake mascara as a substitute for liquids one.

If you follow the above tips you will feel fresh and better even after long hours in the flight and can go directly to attend meeting or to meet your boy friend.

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