Cool Smartphones Apps for Weather and Flight

Worst weather conditions can alter your travel plans drastically. The snowstorms and hurricanes seasons affects thousands of travelers every year.  We have recently seen the impact of weather in Europe and Northeast United States. We cannot alter the call of Mother Nature, however with the arrival of smartphones and its useful applications you can still minimize its effects. With the availability of different applications available on the smartphones you can still manage to plan ahead on the go.

Here are a few important apps that are available for most of the smartphones existing in the market today. These include the apps for instant weather information and flight information which will help the stranded travelers to adjust their travel plans during such emergencies.

1. WeatherBug

Cost: Free

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

WeatherBug app is cool. It offers live local weather and forecasts free of cost. The application also offers radar maps with zoom facility, News Weather Service alerts, and a daily video of the national weather stance. Above all, you will also get to see the live weather cameras with this application.

2. AccuWeather

Cost: $0.99

Availability: iPhone and iPad

AccuWeather apps offer instant information that you will need in a day to day life which includes school closings due to weather effects. You will have the option to get daily or the hourly updates along with maps and video.  It provides forecast for up to 2 weeks in advance.

3. FlightTrack Pro

Cost: $4.99 – $9.99

Availability: iPhone and iPad

FlightTrack Pro is a cool app especially for the frequent flyers. It offers real-time flight tracking system along with an animated stretch as your plane travels around the globe. Apart from it, you can view the alternate flight options, layouts of an airport, and seat maps.

4. Flight Update Pro

Cost: $9.99

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Flight Update Pro is a perfect app for the frequent flyers and especially for the business travelers. The most striking feature of this app is the trip sync. Well it is also one of the most bulky features as it takes more than a minute to maneuver it to get to the info you want about your flight. But once it starts, it provides every minute by minute updates of your flight, about the gate changes and much more.

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