Essential Mobile Apps for Travellers

Smartphones are getting more and more popular now a days. Whether you have a iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or any other types of Smartphone? The main utility of the smartphones can be seen when you are travelling or away from your home or office. No doubt that our travelling is made easier due to various apps of the Smartphone. There are hundreds and thousands of applications available in the market for these Smartphones, however choosing the best apps for travelling are important.

Here we have discussed about most essential and useful apps that you will require while travelling:

Real-Time flight Tracking

Wanted to know the delay or on time flight information on the go? Download FlightAware flight Tracker apps. It may happen that you are running late and wanted to make sure that you won’t miss the flight? You can search by giving the name of the airline and flight number, or even route. Apart from this you can also able to see details such as the speed of the plane, the altitude it is flying, and so on. 

Build Complete Itineraries

By Silverware’s TravelTracker application, you will able to put together complete customized itinerary for flights, cars, hotel reservation, etc. Once you are finished with itineraries, you can check your flight status; can direct e-mail your itineraries to your family, friends and colleagues. 

Get a Taxi on the Go

Taxi Magic let you call a taxi while you are out. This service is incorporated with the taxi providers in major cities. Apart from this, after you book your taxi through your mobile, you can even the taxi’s location. Isn’t it cool? 

Cheapest Gas Station near You

Gas Buddy’s application for Smartphone’s will find the cheapest gas station near you. So you will never pay more for the gas when you can pay less. This wonderful application of Cheap Gas will first figure out your location and then show you the nearest gas stations along with their present prices. After you choose your gas station, this application will then show you the direction. 

Stay on Budget

You have planned a vacation keeping in mind how much you are going to spend at each attraction for entire vacation. However, it is very likely that you have spent way over your budget in the past. But not anymore, with the Expense Tracker apps you can keep your expenses on check. Let’s say, you determine some amount to be spend in a day, week, or month, the Expense Tracker will then start to track your limit. 

Mini Guides for Attractions

The UPinPoint application has several apps for Walt Disney World and a boxed set for other parks too. It includes mini guides for Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and other. With the help of this application, you can easily navigate different points in the parks and it will also tell you short descriptions about the rides and others. 

Instant Currency Conversion

This is a great application if you are travelling abroad. It will tell you the dollar equivalent of different currency like pounds, yen, pesos, etc. So download the Currency apps and instantly know the exchange rates between the currencies. 

Trail Maps

Apart from the maps, GPS, included in most of the smartphones, the application for the Trails maps is of great use for the serious hikers. It contains maps of hiking and biking trails around the world. So download this great app and start tracking your trail when you are out in the wilderness. It will also show you the altitude and the distance information. You can even geotag your photographs.

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