Handy Tips for First Time Visitors to India

India is a land of diversity-diversity of religion and cultures. The country is rich in its cultural heritage and you can see the glimpse of it as soon as you step on the land of this vast country. You will experience diverse culture, customs, cuisines, landscapes, sceneries as you travel from one state of the country to another. Every year India attracts millions of tourists across the world.

People of India are no doubt very courteous and helpful. However, if it is your first time to India, you better be cautious and safe. So here are few handy tips you should keep in mind while enjoying the place, especially for those who are travelling alone or the first time visitors.

Plan and know your destination before heading

Based on how long your trip is, you should plan the places you would like to visit according to priority. Normally, visitors take months to travel and explore the vast country from North to South and East to West. Once you have decided which city you would like to explore, read about the city, its attractions, accommodation option, and safety. Also read about the best month and time to visit the particular place.

Visit with open mind and heart

Do not show your nervousness if you have any. Be open but also be carefully while walking on the streets. Although, India welcomes visitor with much warmth and respect, but at the same time you have to be extra careful for your safety. Do not walk on the empty streets during the night.

Ask someone for airport pick-up

It is always advisable that you pick up by the hotel shuttle or someone you already know in India. There are many hotels and guesthouses that will arrange this for you at the least expense or sometimes free of cost. Also try to book hotels or guesthouses which are in the middle of a nice upscale neighborhood.

Wear appropriate clothes

Appropriate dressing is highly advisable. If it comes to dress, most Indian mentally is still very traditional. It seems that people who dressed appropriate tends to get more respect there. Especially for women, Indian salwar-kameej is a good option for a change, but t-shirts, shirts and jeans just works fine. It is being seen that if you wear traditional Indian clothes, you will be more attracted to the crowd, so it’s better safe by wearing sober western clothes.

Keep your emergency numbers handy

It is always suggested that you keep all your emergency numbers handy whether it is of your friends, people you know in India, relatives back home. Also keep note of the help line numbers of India.

 Book a tour

It is better to go with the tour groups. Read a book on the best tour guides of India. Read their reviews and also go through various forums. Especially for the first time visitors, guided tour would be best as you get to know about the places easily.

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