Handy Tips of Using Credit Cards in Foreign Countries

Are you planning a vacation in a foreign country? Here are some handy tips and information that you should know about money and credit cards expenses in those countries. These are very common yet important questions that need to be answered.

Which credit cards you should carry with you?

It is very common questions that may arise in your mind as to which credit would be best to carry with you. The answer is you should carry all the major credit cards from the company like Visa, Master Card and American Express. Make sure that you carry credit cards from these companies and not the debit cards. The debit cards are not accepted at many places.

Have you contacted your credit card companies before leaving the country?

It is advisable that you should inform your credit card companies about your trip before leaving for a long vacation outside the country. You should inform them so that they don’t delay the payments as they might suspect some fraudulency on your account to see your spending pattern.

They can also provide you better information and tips about using the card in the foreign countries and especially for the country you are visiting.

You credit card company can help you prepare for your trip. How?

You can talk with the credit card companies and they will help you arrange the payments of the bills which might be due on your card to be paid on time while you are not in the country.

They will be able to tell you about whether or not your credit card will be accepted in the country you are planning to visit.

The credit card companies will help you to find out whether your PIN number will work in the countries you are visiting. If not, they can issue different PIN number which will be acceptable in the countries you are visiting.

They will able to provide information about cash advance and the charges that ATM or the foreign purchase might charge as per their rate policies.

They will give you the contact numbers in case you need to call them as 1-800 number listed on the back of your credit card may not work from other countries.

What about using the ATM card while traveling?

You can always use your ATM card for your cash requirement and so you don’t have to carry much cash with you. It is easier because the ATM will dispense money in the local currency.

Are you using traveler’s checks?

Know about the fees the company will be charging for purchasing travelers checks. Also find out which brand of travelers checks are accepted in the countries you are visiting and how widely it can be used within that particular country.

You should also know about the refund policies of the travelers check’s company.

Carrying and protecting the traveler’s check should be done in the same way you do to your cash. In addition to that, you should also know the procedures which will require in case you lost your travelers checks. It is better to keep copies of your traveler’s checks and keep it in separate place.

It is also advisable to keep note of the serial numbers of the traveler’s checks and date and location of their purchase. And most important is the contact number to report if they are lost.

Above mentioned are not the exhaustive lists, this is only the personal view of the author.

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