Solo Women Travellers – Things To Care

Solo women travelers’ percentage has been in increasing trend in the recent times. Travelling alone for women is both fun and challenges. Whether the travelling is for business or vacation, women are most likely to come across different problem based on the place or country they are visiting. The main concern for these women is the safety measures. Here is the list of few travel tips for women who are traveling alone.

Hotel safety measures

Staying alone in hotel might be safer if you exercise safety concerns for the hotel. There are several ways which will make your hotel stay safer. First of all when you check-in, ask the clerk that you want your room near the elevator so you don’t have to walk a long hallway. When you are filling up the guest registration fill only the first initial of your name and also do not check on the salutation as MR, MRs, or Ms. Also make sure that they write down your number instead of saying it loudly.

Arrive early in day

If you are visiting a new city, arrive during the day time. If it’s a small town or city it will shut down early. Also the places near the stations would be emptied which will terrify you.

Documents safety

Keep your important documents like passport and extra money in a safe place. Keep only the daily spending amount of money in your purse while going out of the hotel. Also keep copies of your passport, insurance in couple of different places.

Dressing sense

Dress attracts unnecessary attention in most of the countries. Dress yourself according to the women you are seeing around. However, it doesn’t apply every time and everywhere. Wearing a traditional dress of one country by a foreigner also attracts unwanted attention. So to be safest, dress appropriately without showing too much of the skin, wear long skirts, jeans, and cover legs and arms.

Making friends with care

It is always a good idea to have someone accompany you to go out during night in some restaurant or other places. However, women have to judge people wisely. Prefer companying with couples.

Body language and culture

Body language and culture differs between countries to countries. For example, gestures, hand shakings, and smiling. Make a research about the body language before flying.

Keep in touch

Especially solo women travelers must keep one general itinerary with their close friends and relatives. And whenever possible send e-mail and tell them about your whereabouts. Also you can register your trip with the Department of State which means that the embassy of particular country knows about your presence in the country.

Judge carefully

Other than those tips mentioned above, always judge the situation carefully, use your common sense. If your inner feeling is saying don’t go there, then don’t go. You can judge the situation much better than reading what is written in the book or online.

Ladies, read the above mentioned tips for your next solo travelling.

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