Tips On Fly Like a Business Class

Can you imagine a business class travel without actually being in business class? Well, experiencing business class facilities varies from airlines to airlines. For some airliners, business class means just a little extra inches of leg spaces, especially in the small airlines.

If you are a frequent flyer on an economy class, you can still manage to experience like a business class passenger. You just need to have proper planning and thoughts. Here are few tips that you should follow:

1. First of all do a little research about the facilities available in the airports where you have may have to wait for a quite a time. Now a days, there are many airlines which have started the pay-per-visit for the lounges which were meant only for the business class passengers. So if this facility is there, you can rest on the big couches, surf internet, sip coffee and have snacks until the time of your next departure. The pay-per-visit for the business class lounges are becoming very popular trends in recent times.

2. Second of all, check out various ways in which you can upgrade your seats to business class. If it is not possible try to book a flight which is comparatively less crowded. Your travel agent may be able to help in finding the flights which will be less crowded or you can even ask airlines directly. If the flight is less crowded and not fully booked, there is a chance that there is an empty seats right next to you.

3. Mini amenities kits are provided to the business class passengers that consists of some basic items. Don’t worry, you can also carry the same with you in a kit or zip lock bag. Carry travel socks, eye shades, inflatable pillow, mints and a small 3 ounces bottle moisturizing cream, toothpastes, mini toothbrush, and off course mouthwash.

4. Try to get your seat at front row. You will get more leg space, you will be the last person to get in and first to get off. It is even better when you have little time for your connecting flight.

5. Bring your own entertainment system like a portable DVD player and couple of your favorite movies or program. Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite program.

6. At last, order vegetarian meals in advance, vegetarian food is more fresh than the non-vegetarian option. It will be served at first, so you don’t have to wait while others are served.

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