Tips to Avoid Being Stranded in the US Airports

Who likes to be stranded in the airport for days and nights? In recent times, weather is playing major role which are affecting lives of millions of passengers every winter because of the snow storm. This year again it has affected thousands of passengers from South-east to North-east United States. People stranded in the airport because of the delayed or a canceled flight. Well not only people who lose their precious time but airlines also lose millions of dollar because of the bad weather conditions.And here in USA, the airlines are not responsible for the delay or cancellation of flight because of the situation like weather or war. So nothing you can do at this situation, however to avoid or minimizing the risk of being stranded in an airport here are few tips:

  1. Always try to buy direct tickets if you have to travel during snow storm seasons. Avoiding the connecting flights will reduce the risk of delayed flights by at least half. Also, in case it is delayed, you have to tolerate these delays either from your home town or your destination town but not in between, at the airport.
  2. Getting tickets in the early flights will also reduce the chances of being delayed.
  3. If you have frequent flyer with some airlines, try to fly with them especially during the bad weather season. Because if you need to make any changes to your ticket or route, their agents would be more willing to help you.
  4. Always opt for the travel insurance during the winter months. Most travel insurance will covers your accommodation and food cost. It is not something you will get from the airlines you are travelling with.
  5. You must check your flight timings at least twice just to make sure that you your flight is not delayed or cancelled before head to the airport. This has become very easy now a days as there are several mobile apps which give updates about your trip.
  6. If you know the storm is coming, and if you can change your tickets for different dates, do it so. Most airlines waive the change fees during this time of bad weather condition just to avoid over clogging at the airports.
  7. It is always a good idea to keep some sandwich or other snacks with you in the carry on. Because if any worst case scenarios happened and your flight gets cancelled, there could be a wait of hours in the line of food court in the airport.
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