Pack Light and Travel Smart

Travelling light has always been better, however it has now become a necessity. By looking at the complexity of security checking, being light is best thing to get rid of unnecessary delays. Be simple as you travel. You will see two types of tourists one are those who pack light and others are those who wish they packed light.

Benefits of travelling light 

1. Stress-free: By travelling light, you not only have to carry light luggage but you will also be stress free all the time and will able to enjoy your vacation or business trip.

2. Less likely to lose your luggage: Check-in luggage are more tends to get misplaced, misrouted, exchanged or stolen. If you don’t carry any check-in luggage you don’t have to think about it. 

3. No baggage fees: Now almost all airlines charge for carrying any check-in luggage in the domestic flight. Also, in the international flight many airlines has reduce the number of check-in luggage per person as well as weight. 

4. No need to pay for taxis: If you travel light you don’t have to call taxi or limos. You will be more flexible and can take public transportation to your destination. You can also able to board trams, trains with more flexibility. 

5. Time saving: You will able to leave the airport more early without waiting for your baggage to come after clearing the customs . 

As mentioned above, you have seen the importance of travelling light. Here are few tips on how to pack light:

1. Take only one carry-on baggage and keep the weight limit to 20 pounds. Make sure that it will easily go inside the overhead cabins or slip under your seats.

2. Make sure you don’t pack any sharp items like knives, scissors, lighters. Do not pack any liquids or gels above the allowed quantity in your carry-on bag. Also check with the concerned authorities to get the exhaustive list of items not be carried.

3. In case you have to carry a check-in luggage then mark it with your name, address, and numbers in big and bold letters on both face.

4. Due to increased level of security your check-in luggage may go for an inspection manually. For which the security personal need to open the locks. It is highly advisable that you put a TSA-approved lock so that they will not break your lock.

5. Whatever you think you will require for your trip, put it down on the floor and then start packing. Look again at each item, and keep it aside if you think it will be of less importance or you will not need it quite often.

6. Check out weather report of all the places you will be visiting, and keep appropriate clothing for the climate. In this way you will keep only the clothing that will be needed for that type of weather. It is worthless to carry heavy clothing like jackets and sweaters if the weather is going to be warm.

7. Keep important documents like Passport, Photo ID, credit cards, currencies, insurance documents/medical cards, flight tickets/details in a separate pouch so that it is easily accessible when you need it. Always carry a copy of important document placed in separate compartment with you especially when you travel abroad.

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