Travelling With Pets

Leaving your pets back home when you are going for family vacation is really hard. Here are few tips for traveling with pets.

Pet-Friendly Flights

Look for the airlines which are pet-friendly. There are indeed many airlines they are indeed animal-friendly. So before booking your flights keep in mind about it. Also ask the airlines or read their regulations about the furry friends. As some airlines allowed them to be carry-on but some allowed for checked in only.

Most of the airlines allow small pets as carry-on luggage in a soft or hard carrier and they must be kept under the seat for the entire duration of the flight. However the larger pets should be checked in to travel in the cargo in a non-collapsible carrier. They should be given  with an ample supply of water.

Pets on a road trip

Travelling with pets in a car is probably  the best choice for both owners and pets. If travelling with car,  you can stop from time to time according the convenience.

Well, you do have to take care of their convenience of sitting in a car. Letting them to sit in your lap while driving can distract you. So let your furry friend find their comfortable seats in a back seat somewhere.

Some pets have car sickness. It is advisable for those pet owners to visit vet before you are heading for the trip. Vet may prescribe some sedatives to reduce the anxiety and car sickness of your pets.

Pet Friendly Hotels:

As there have been increasing numbers of travelers with pets, many hotels chains are now providing pet friendly options for them. Many high-end hotels offers pet friendly properties like Four Seasons,  Kimpton Group, and even budget hotels like Red Roof Inn and LaQuinta.

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