5 Most Scenic Drives of Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful desert state with several beautiful waterfalls. The state offers few amazing scenic drives. Here are our lists of 5 most scenic drives of Arizona:

1. Apache Trail:

Apache Trail offers some of the best scenery in central Arizona sitting right from the comfort of your car. It is a route for the adventurous travelers. This route was initially constructed in the year 1930.
It is a day trip from Phoenix and the drive is really worth you for lifetime. It is a spectacular 80 miles loop drive and most of the traveler’s starts from Apache Junction then go to Roosevelt, then south to Globe and then back to Apache Junction. Fish Creek Canyon on the way offers the most breathtaking views.

2. Route 66:

The famous historic Route 66 in western Arizona is one of the longest untouched/unmodified routes. It stretches to 173 miles that never joins any interstate. Starting from Topock on the western border of Arizona, it stretches north up to Oatman. It passes along the town’s rocky hills, begging burros and hokey Old West charms. It then passes through twisted drive to tumbleweeds and saguaros along its way to the Black Mountains to Kingman. The route is linked with tiny villages along its way.

3. Hwy 89/89A:

This route passes through some of the most varied and rugged beautiful landscapes of America. State Route 89A stretches to 79.85 mile highway runs from Prescott north to Flagstaff in the state of Arizona. The highway offers one of the most amazing views when it passes through Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon.

4. Monument Valley:

Monument valley offers one of the most beautiful and rugged red sandstone formations that looks like a prehistoric fortresses. Kayenta is the nearest town to Monument Valley. At 27,000 sq miles it is the country’s largest Indian reservation. Hwy 163 takes you to the Monument Valley and the 17-mile loop drive along the monument valley. The Monument Valley loop is very dusty, bumpy dirt road drive that winds along the sandstone formations. It takes around an hour and half to drive along the loop.

5. Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Rd:

The Patagonia-Sonoita is a scenic Road drive which was designated by the Arizona Department of Transportation in the year 1985. This scenic road passes through the Santa Cruz River Basin and offers semi-arid valleys and narrow canyons on its way that are separated by the mountain ranges. It is nestled between the Mexican border and the Santa Rita and Patagonia mountains. It is one of the cheerful sights for bird watchers and wine tasters too.

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