Beautiful Antarctica

Do you wish to travel to Antarctica? Well, it needs long time planning to visit this place. It’s like once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Antarctica.

Most regions of Antarctica are covered with snow, ice, water, and rock. No doubt about its immense natural beauty because of its vast mountain ranges and ice shelves. Once you go there, you will never forget its serene beauty for the rest of your life.

You will find abundant wildlife which includes emperor penguins, seals, leopard, and minke whales. Surprisingly they are not afraid of humans so you can view them really close.

Antarctica is governed by 29 nations and mainly dedicated for scientific research. Unfortunately, it is the most affected parts of the earth due to global warming.

What is the best time to visit Antarctica?

November to March is actually the best season to visit Antarctica. It is summer there. This is beautiful time to sight penguins and snow petrels.

Two months December and January are best for viewing wildlife. You will find whales in the coastlines. This is also the peak time when the penguins start hatching. But if you like to see the baby penguins then visit in spring i.e in the month of February and March. This is the time when the babies of the penguins start to grow and they love to play. This is also the best time to view seals.

You will find Antarctica an exceptional place any time of the year. It appears different in different seasons as well as with each hour of the day.

Top things to see and do in Antarctica:


It is an amazing way to experience the icebergs of Antarctica while kayaking. You will get closer views of the spectacular icebergs.

Deception Island:

Dip in to the thermal waters on the Deception Island. This island was actually formed from a volcanic eruption which left a big caldera.

Port Lockroy museum:

Port Locroy Museum was once used to be a British station and now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Antarctica. It was used in the early Antarctica exploration.

Observation Hill:

Climbing the Observation Hill is well worth a trip. There is a wonderful view of the Mount Erebus and the Ross Ice Shelf.


Take a cruise or ferry and go around one of the most striking scenery in the world.

Helicopter ride:

It is one of the best ways to watch polar animals like penguins and albatrosses in their most natural environment by this helicopter tour. It provides the best access where we cannot reach by own.

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