Best Christmas Celebrations in USA

The most wonderful time of the year is the Christmas time. No doubt that Christmas is celebrated in every towns and cities in USA, but there are few places where the celebration is something very special. Here is the list of few cities where Christmas celebration is very beautiful.

 1. Branson, Missouri

This beautiful city of Branson is located in the Ozark Mountains at about 250 miles from the entrance to the West, St. Louis, MO. Little town of Branson was once an old lumber town and now is the center of live entertainment. There are several theaters and resort hotels that attracts number of tourists all the year. Especially during Christmas time theaters, resorts lighted with beautiful colors of light.

 In fact there is a festival of lights held every year from November 1 and continue for 6 weeks. It attracts millions of visitors every year. There is a big Christmas parade conducted with more than 50 bands who conducts through this old historic town of Branson.

 Not only this Christmas parade but the whole city glows in the spirit of Christmas. The best attraction of the city is its Winter Wonder Landing which features a fountain which shoots water as well as water. The music on the display goes off after every half hour.

 2. Leavenworth, Washington

This is the best Bavarian Getaway in USA. The little town of Leavenworth turns in to beautiful glow of Christmas lights. The town is located in the backdrop of the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington. In the first 3 weekends this scenic town attracts visitors from all around the world to see its beautiful Christmas lightings.

 3. Durango, Colorado

The dazzling lights of small town – Durango, Colorado during the Christmas draw huge number of visitors every year.  There is Polar Express for the kid who shows up in PJ’s, and jumps in to the locomotive train that rides for 30 minutes going out of the town to the “North Pole” and stops where Santa is waiting with a little bell to give it to every kids on train.

 4. North Pole, Alaska  

Christmas celebration in North Pole, Alaska is very beautiful and magical. The main attraction of the festival is its magical event which lights whole of the North Pole area.  Ice carvers from around the world carve Christmas themed ice sculptures at this unique location. There is a world famous Santa Claus House which a must see destination if you are here.

 5. Paradise, Pennsylvania

There is a National Christmas Center in Paradise, Pennsylvania is the only Christmas museum in the whole world. There is huge collection of Christmas items exhibited here, some of which are over 200 years old. Over 40,000 visitors come to see this museum every year. This is a must see Christmas celebration destination.

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