Best Places to Visit for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone can be as interesting as you are travelling with your friends and loved ones. However, you have to do little research about the place where you can travel all alone. Here are few places where you can travel alone and enjoy as much as you want.

1. Australia

There are tons of places to visit in Australia for every type of visitors whether you come with family, as couple or solo. People here are very friendly and you will find hundreds and thousands of visitors roaming around with the pamphlets in their hands.

For a solo traveler, our suggestions would the Great Barrier Reef which is good for diving, and if you love hiking, the Blue Mountains near by Sydney are having a good hiking place. For surfers, Banzai Beach is the place where you can go. Wildlife tour is a great way to enjoy the Australian wildlife.

2. Ireland

Ireland is a great destination for the solo travelers. The Irish people are very friendly. It is a safe city to meet complete strangers in Ireland so you will not feel all alone there.

As a solo traveler, you can take tour of the places like Wicklow Mountains, Valleys and Lakes plus City Tour of Dublin. It will take you the countryside through various lakes and beautiful villages. Dublin writer’s museum is also good place to take a literary tour.

3. Iceland

Iceland is a place for adventurous visitors and for nature lovers. It is perfect for solo travelers. You will be fascinated by the landscape here with amazing waterfalls and volcanic mountains. Actually you don’t really have to be with someone to enjoy the view.

Good places to visit are the world famous Blue Lagoon, which is huge 10,000-square foot geothermal bath outdoor that is enclosed by beautiful snow-capped lava mountain rocks. The water of Blue Lagoon is well known for its healing properties.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is yet another great destination for the adventurous solo travelers. There are so many ways, a person can enjoy in Costa Rica. Different adventurous activities include hiking, white-water rafting, hot springs. Other good places to visit here are the volcanoes, wildlife, beaches, and lush green rain forests.

As a solo traveler you can visit Manuel Antonio National Park, it is a good place for hiking through this rain forest, looking at the sunset on the beaches of Costa Rica, Tamarindo beach is great beach spot for surfers.

 5. Peru

Peru offers great opportunities for solo travelers. The place is rich in its history and culture apart from its spectacular landscapes and sceneries. It offers diverse habitation starting from desert, mountains, to rainforest. It has something for everyone’s tastes.

One of the most famous hiking trails of the world lies here is Inca Trail located in the Andes Mountains. Thousands of people visit Inca trail every year to see this one of the ancient ruins of the earth. Other things you can do as solo traveler are kayaking, rafting, and canoeing on the rivers of Apurimac and Urabamba.

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