Heli Skiing In Alaska

Most advanced ski and board destination of the world is the Heli-Skiing of Alaska. It is the extreme destination for serious snow lover. The wonderful terrain of the Chugach Mountain is just perfect for the heli-skiiers.  And the experience of the helicopter skiing cannot be compared with any skiing destination on the planet. It’s like once in a lifetime experience.

It feels great to ride in a helicopter for few minutes while going up to the mountain. All these heli-skiing adventure takes place in the Chugach Mountains nearby the town of Valdez.

Here are the lists of few companies which organize the heli-skiing adventure in this Alaskan region:

Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc.

It is the only heli-ski operator which uses the far-off south-east side of the Chugach Mountains as their base point. The PNH adventure operator acquires over 1,500 square miles of the rideable terrain. On an average it takes about 20,000 to 30,000 of the vertical feet. Therefore, it is highly advisable that the all participants should have at least an intermediate skiing experience. It is the only heli-ski operator in Cordova which is about 30-minutes from Anchorage from flight. There is also a daily flight from Seattle and Juneau. The season starts from late February and last till April.

Chugach Powder Guides

This company offers numbers of different types of adventure such as snow-cat skiing, resort-based operations from Alyeska Resort, and off course the heli-skiing. It offers vertical feet of 80,000 to 100,000 hence, its big attraction among the adrenalin lovers. The company also offers great high-end mountain setting hotel called, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. The package includes lodging, meals, helicopter, as well as air-transfers to the Anchorage airport.

Valdez Heli-Ski Guides

It caters especially the advanced and experienced riders. It also offers package which includes lodging at the hotel Valdez Harbor Inn. A 7 night package includes lodging, meals, and 30 skiable runs out of 36 helicopter rides. It also offers single day package with 6 runs.

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