Low Budget Holiday Destination

Do not let the economic crisis of the world risks your vacation plans. There are many places in the world where you can spend your vacation without breaking your bank. So think about the places where you can find cheap deals.

Let us help you in suggesting few economic places where you can enjoy your vacation in the coming year.

1. Argentina

The Argentine peso still gives best deal for your dollar. Most mid-range hotel deals start from US$46 per night in Patagonia and Buenos Aires and it is cheaper than this in other parts of Argentina.  Food is also very cheap. What could be more economical when your food, lodging, and transportation are cheaper compared to other places? It’s a good place to spend your vacation at the time such economic crisis.

2. India

Although India has grown with a sound economic boom in recent years, however it is still a great deal for tourists especially from America and Europe. The exchange rates for Indian currencies are still very catchy. You get a good amount of Indian rupees for your dollars and pounds. Food is cheaper in most of the mid-range restaurants here. Develop the taste for having delicious samosa and chat, one of the spicy fast food snacks.  You will get a chance to live in former palaces which has turn in to luxury hotels at affordable price.

3. Thailand

It is one of the cheapest long stay holiday destinations of the world. There are lots of options available here for lodging apart from the traditional hotel rooms. There are beautiful huts available along the beaches with all the modern facilities especially to attract tourist. These are also very cheap accommodation.  And off course, you will get a great meal at very less prices.

4. Iceland

It is a magical place to spend your holidays. Discover its iced capped peaks, volcanoes, hot springs and lots more. Iceland is much affordable place to visit in 2011. Collapse of Icelandic kronur recently against various currencies like US dollar and British pound has made Iceland holiday more affordable.

5. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most under visited places by the tourists. However, it is one o f the cheapest place to spend your holidays where you will get meal in just US$1 and a mid-range hotel in just under US $10.

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