Most Difficult Trekking Routes of the world

Trekking is one of the most popular adventure sports of the world. Trekking offers travelers much closer view of the nature and its scenery. Although, it does not require much planning to go for trekking but the weather conditions and geography plays important role. Trekking routes on the mountain regions of Himalayas in Asia are most popular around the world among the travelers followed by other continents.

Every trekker has different experience depending upon the place they choose for trekking. According to difficulty levels, trekking routes are classfied into difficult, moderate, and easy routes. Here are some of our list of few very difficult trekking routes of the world:

1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Duration: 8 days

Best time:March-April and October-November

The trekking route to the top of the world is considered to be the toughest trekking routes in the world. It is 8 day trek which starts from Lukla in Nepal at the height of 2,860m to the Everest base camp which is located at the height of 5,360m. It is one of the most challenging trekking routes even for the fittest and strongest person. Altitude sickness is one of the major concerns, it requires quite a bit of time to adapt to the environment. For trekkers, those who complete this difficult terrain is like dream come true.

2. Trans-Zanskar, India

Duration: 17 days

Best time: July till August

Trans-Zanskar trekking route is located in northern India, at the edge of the mighty Himalaya.  Zanskar is a high altitude mountain range. It is a place of serene beauty and an undamaged nature. Zanskar Trek is a 350 kilometers trek which takes 17 days. It starts from Lamayuru at the height of 3500 meters and reaches up to the height of 5,100 meters to Darcha.

In the first 7 days of the trekking from Lamayuru to Hanamur, trekkers have to climb 6 passes, so you can think of the fitness level required for this trekking. The rest of the trekking path is stretched but not that steep.  On the route, you will find a partially deserted area along the Shingo La pass which leads to Darcha. Trans-Zanskar trekking route is really very treacherous and one should make it easy by resting on the way to the final destination Darcha. Important thing to be noted is that a government permission is required to do this trekking.

3. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Duration: 21 days

Best time: March-May and October-November

Annapurna circuit trail is number third in terms of difficulty among the difficult trekking routes. This trekking route is also located in the Himalayan region . Good fitness level is required for trek this part of Annapurna mountain range. Eastern region of the trail is more difficult compared to the western half. It is 260 km long trail and it takes around 21 days to complete it. The Annapurna Circuit trek also offers very beautiful scenery on its way. The best March till May and October to November is said to be the best time to visit this region.

4. Kungsleden, Sweden

Duration: over a month (for entire route)

Best time: June to September

Kungsleden trail is a 440 km long trek and is located in the arctic regions of North Sweden. This trekking route comprises of both slopes and plains. But the distance is so huge that requires quite a longer time to complete it in full. Generally, people trek the entire distance in sections, popular is a 50 mile hiking on its northern portion. The trekking routes run across country’s 4 national parks and reserve.

5. Santa Cruz Trail, Peru

Duration: 3 nights 4 days

Best time: May-September

Santa Cruz Trail is a classic mountain hiking trails with gentle slopes. However, there are two passes on the way which requires many ups and down trekking. This makes this trekking route most difficult and challenging for the experienced trekkers as well. It is a 50 km trek and requires at least 4 days crossing the entire portion. The trekking starts from Cashapampa which is located at the height of 2800 meters.

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