Most Unique Lakes of the World

Nature offers so many beautiful things. Some of them are amazingly beautiful while others are one of its kind.  We have discussed here about 5 most unique lakes of the world which many of you might not heard of.

1. Boiling Lake, Dominicia

This is truly amazing and unique lake located in Morne Trois Pitons National park of Dominicia. The unique thing about this lake is that the water of this lake is boiling and the upper surface is always covered with thin layers of water vapor. Because of its unique nature, it attracts huge number of tourists around the world. Actually, the lake is a hole on the surface of earth which  is 10.5km east of Roseau, Dominica.

2. PlitVice Lakes, Croatia

Well, PlitVice Lakes is not a single lake but it is a combination of sixteen beautiful lakes. All these sixteen lakes are amazingly interconnected  by  beautiful waterfalls. The lakes are well known for its amazing range of colors which ranges from grey to blue and azure to green. The lakes is also unique because of the fact that it changes its color by the change of its mineral content and the amount of sunlight it is getting.

3. Five Flower Lake , China

Five Flower Lake is located in China and is one of the most unique and beautiful lakes on earth. This multi-colored lake is the major attraction of Jiuzhaigon National Park of China. The lake appears multi-color because of the tree trunks  which are lying in this lake. Above all, the water of the lake is so clear that you can see those tree trunks clearly. It looks really beautiful to see the shades of blue, green and yellow color all through lakes. The Five Flower Lake is located exactly below the Panda Lake and above the Pearl Shoal waterfall.

4. Dead Sea, Israel and Jordon

Dead Sea lake is located in between the Israel and Jordan. It is a beautiful lake which lies 420 meters below the sea level. It is the deepest most saline lake in the whole world, it is also the second saltiest lake of the world. Because of its unique nature, it is attracted by huge number of visitors from all around the world.

5. Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful lake located in the state of Oregon in the United States. The water of the Crater Lake is considered to be the clearest water in the whole world. The lake is approximately 4000 feet deep and one of the deepest lake in United States. It was formed at around 5,677 BC when volcano of Mount Mazama erupts and create this big crater which later became lake.

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