Scenic Cruise Ship

Some of the most beautiful places on earth can be best seen by a cruise ship. Through sea, we can reach to the places where we have no other means of transport. There are scenic cruise ship, which will take you to some of the most breathtaking places of the world.

1. Antarctica

Beautiful Antarctica! Ah so clear and quiet. It is a place where every nature lover dream of visiting. The beauty of Antarctica can be best enjoyed by a cruise ship. There are several cruise ship available that operates here in the season. The continent of Antarctica covers about one-tenth of the world total surface. Even though there are approximately 30,000 tourists visits in a year, it is because of its remote location and travelling costs. The main attractions of Antarctica are Half Moon Island, Deception Island, and Lemaire Channel. However, because of the weather conditions the itineraries of the cruise ships can change. Most of the cruise ships that goes to Antarctica departs from the South American ports.

2. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

There are no roads, which will take you to the beautiful Glacier Bay of Alaska, and the best way to enjoy its beauty is through cruise ship. The cruise ship can go through the fjords and provide the best and closest view of the beautiful glacier and the snow capped mountain surrounding it.  The Glacier Bay is one of the most active calving glaciers in the world. You can hear its sound when big chunk of ice breaks and plunges in to the ocean. Apart from it, visitors can also enjoy the sightings of orcas, sea lions, humpback whales, and pacific white-side dolphins, and so on. It is an adventure lover’s paradise.

3. French Polynesia

Wherever you will see, you will find white sandy beaches of the lush green islands, with clear blue water which makes the French Polynesia one of the most beautiful island destinations of the world.  The Cruise ships will stop at the main ports such as Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Huahine. No doubt, those are great destination full of natural beauty and tons of adventure opportunities. However, one of the most picturesque island which shouldn’t be missed is Moorea Island. This island is just 12 miles away from Tahiti. This beautiful heart shaped island is surrounded by a lagoon of beautiful Polynesian sea. Apart from that, the Moorea Island offers both white and black sandy beaches.  There are rocky volcanic peaks, stunning waterfalls, vanilla and pearl farms making this island a must-see stop in your itineraries. You can do snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming as well.

4. Norwegian Fjords

One of the most scenic places on the earth lies in Norway at Norwegian Fjords. And the cruise offers an exceptional opportunity to glide through one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, amazing landscapes of Norway especially during the spring season. It is the most breathtaking place that is famous for its waterfalls, magnificent mountains, and beautiful serene waters all around. It is a very quiet place where you will only hear the sound of water, birds, and other wildlife.  However, there are beautiful scenes all around the Norwegian Fjords but the sceneries of the Geiranger Fjord and the Sognefjord are beyond any imagination. The Norwegian Fjords cruise will not take you far in to the sea but you will stay very close to land while passing through the amazing fjords. You will also come across beautiful port towns along the way.

5. Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

Doubtful Sound is located inside the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. It is  a huge wilderness area full of craggy peaks, hidden inlets in the rainforest. Doubtful Sound is famous for its flawless beauty and a great place to see the wildlife too. The bottlenose dolphins and the fur seals are very commonly found here.  Cruising is one of the best means to enjoy the serene beauty of this place. It is also popular after it is pictured as a backdrop of one of the most famous movie of the time “Lords of the Rings”. The cruise ship also allows its guests to explore the inlets and coves by kayaking during the day.

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