Wondering Where to Go in July – August

Looking for some cool places to visit this July/August? Wondering which places enjoys the best weather in July and August months? Here are few places where you can plan your vacation.


Known as one of the coldest country in the world, yet summer is amazing in some of the places in Canada. Like Alberta, British Columbia is heaven in the summer months, which starts from the month of June until August. July is the best month to explore the beautiful places like Vancouver, Whistler, Banff, and Lake Louise in these states. For more details of the places to visit, click here.


Norway is popularly known as the land of midnight sun. And starting from mid May to July end, there is a 24 hours day light, believe it or not but sun does not set at all. Hence, July is the best time to visit Norway when you have warm pleasant weather and longer day light, so you have more time to enjoy the outdoor attractions. For more details about the places to see in Norway click here.


Indonesia enjoys its best dry weather in between May and October. It is the ideal place to visit in the month of July. Rainy season is gone by this time and now you can see acres of land with lush green paddy fields all around. For more details about the places to see in Indonesia click here.


Rwanda is the land of gorillas and chimpanzees and the best season to view them is to visit during the dry months which starts from middle of May to mid October. It also offers some of the most amazing natural beauty of Africa.  The place is very much rich in flora and fauna, which makes it ideal place for photographer and nature enthusiast.For more details about the places to visit in Rwanda, click here.

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