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5 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the busiest port and leading financial centers of the world. Tourism is the major industry and it attracts millions of visitors every year. It is one of cleanest city of the world and a wonderful place to spend your vacation.

Here are the lists of 5 best places to see while you are visiting Singapore:

1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the best place to visit in Singapore. It is a recreation theme-park with various fun filled activities. You can easily spend whole day here and it has fun activities for all ages apart from enjoying its scenic beauty. There are various museums, dolphin lagoons, and splendid beaches. It is a good place to enjoy with your family. Stay up till evening to watch “Songs of the Sea.” – this program is really spectacular, not to be missed. Some of the other attractions are Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon, Fort Siloso, Southernmost Point of Continental Asia and The Flying Trapeze.

2. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is based on the open zoo concept. Amidst the clean, natural type environment, this rainforest zoo in one of the highly acclaimed place to visit in Singapore. The zoo uses natural barriers for the animals like rock walls, streams, and even separate vegetation according to the species. It is spread in more than 28 hectares of land -internationally reputed for its conservation initiatives and breeding programmes. This is must to see destination when you are travelling with kids.

3. Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is another best place to enjoy the animals in their natural habitat. It is the first nocturnal zoo of the world. This wild life park has won Singapore Tourism Awards several times and is a must see place in Singapore. The tram ride experience in the park will take you around 40 hectares of forest divided into 7 geographical zones of the world. This is a unique safari experience where you can see large variety of animals in their natural habitat. You can also explore the 4 walking trails in the park – Leopard Trail, Fishing Cat Trail, East Lodge Trail and Wallaby Trail.

4. Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River once the lifeline of the city provide visitors with the enlightening experience of Singapore’s past and present. You can take a scenic Singapore River Cruise to see the contrast between the historically old architectural buildings and the amazing modern ones. The river cruise is around 4.1 kilometers from its mouth of the river at Anderson Bridge to Kim Seng Bridge. Some of the highlights of the river cruise are Marina Bay, Boat Quay, Robertson Quay and Clarke Quay.

5. Merlion

The Merlion is the landmark and mascot of Singapore. It is a imaginary creature which has a head of a lion and a body of a fish. The lion represents Singapore’s original name – Singapura – meaning the lion city. It is located just outside of the Esplanade – a venue for performing art. It is a good place to take photographs both during day time as well as in the night.

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