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Saving Tips for Vacation

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Vacationing is becoming more and more expensive. Here are few tips on how to save money on your next vacation:

Plan early:

Plan your vacation well in advance. This way you will get ample time to look for different options in order to save some money.

Coupons saving:

Well it is time consuming to look for the coupons, but it really worth the time. You will find coupons for cars, lodging, food, and for attractions as well. Why to spend more when you have options for less. You will find coupons in your local newspaper, internet, magazines, etc. However, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions for using those coupons.

Rent a car:

Renting a car is always seems to be expensive. But You can also save some money on renting cars as well. Look for the advertisement in the paper, internet from the car rental companies. Also you can use some discount if you have membership of Costco, and other companies. Also you can take benefits of coupon upgrade for a larger and more comfy vehicle.

Free breakfast:

Choose hotels which offers free breakfast. It definitely gives you huge saving if you are going for a long vacation.

Save on stroller:

By bringing your own stroller saves you at least $12 to $15 per day at most of the attractions you are planning to visit.

Save on water:

Carry refillable water bottles. If you are a family of 4, you can very easily spend over $20 per day for buying water. And if you have refillable water bottles it can be very easily refilled at any hotels or attractions.

Multiday passes:

If you are planning to spend a week in one or two attractions, go for a multi-day passes. You can even get these passes for more than one attraction. So take advantages of it.

Fill up Rental Car

Fill up full tank regular gas before returning your rental car. Rental cars charges enormous amount even if they have to fill only 2 gallons. Make sure you decline the service for filling the gas tank for you.

Book a Bundle

Browse different travel websites which offers very good package deals. So instead of booking your hotels and flight separately, you can book it together and save good amount of money.

Try Booking at Different Times

Many online booking sites have different rates based on time and day of the week you are looking.

Use Student or other Membership Discounts:

Most of the attractions and theme parks have discounts for students, senior citizens, or children based on age. Also membership cards like AAA, Costco, and others offer many discounts at different hotels and attractions.

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