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Things To Remember For Caribbean Cruise

The lists of important items to carry on your Caribbean cruise vacation are many. Here are few things that you should not forget to carry on before heading to a memorable Caribbean cruise vacation:

1. Important Documents:

Carry important documents like passport, I.D’s., cruise tickets, travelers check, map & guide books separately in your carry-on bag. Also keep your driver’s license, medical insurance card, and any other cruise documents. Have a copy of important documents and keep them separately. Remember to keep $1 and $5 bills for tipping and for taxi fare.

2. Sea Sickness Medicine:

If you have not experienced sea sickness then it is possible that you might experience some sea sickness due to rolling and pitching of ship. There are medicines to get rid of this. Do not forget to pack those with your first aid kit.

3. Camera:

Carrying your personal camera is one of the important items to a cruide vacation. No doubt, you will get good photographers on cruise liner who will capable and equipped to take great pictures but then you have to pay a very heavy charges for photographs. So it is highly recomended to carry your camera with you. If possible also carry an underwater camera. Keep extra memory card, extra set of batteries and battery charger.

4. Cell Phone:

You will be able to call home from some islands at a lower cost than ship. Therefore, carry your cell phone with you as you get down for excursion. Do not forget to keep your cell phone charger and list of emergency telephone numbers.

5. Waterproof Bag:

Keep your valuable documents like passport, money, ID’s and other important document in a zip lock pouch so that it will not get spoilt by ocean water or rain showers. Also carry few extra zip pouches with you on your carry-on bag.

6. Back Pack:

Back pack is of great help. It is easier to carry on your back. You can use it to carry on your camera, water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, and other important items that you might need when you get down from the cruise ship.

7. Comfortable footwear:

Carry a good pair of comfortable shoes as there could be lot of walking involved. Wearing sandals is not advisable as it might result in blisters.

8. Hat:

As you are going on a tropical vacation, you must carry hat. It will help you prevent your head from sun burn.

9. Clothing:

You have to pack different types of clothing for different occasions. Pack at least two dresses for formal nights in cruise ship. Carry few t-shirts, slacks, sundresses, pair of bathing suits and cover-ups as you are going for a tropical vacation.

10. Pack light:

Take note of number of luggage you can carry and weight restrictions by calling them or checking it on their website. As far as possible keep your luggage light. Make sure to leave some room in your bag for the souvenirs that may buy during this trip.

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