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Photography Gears to Carry for Travelling

If you are not a professional photographer, you don’t need to carry tons of gear for photography while travelling. Here are the list of few important gears that you should carry that will solve the purpose of photography and wouldn’t weigh you lot in your travel

A light weight Camera

There are many cameras launched in the market that is very light weight and looks like point and shoot camera. But you can change the lenses in these cameras. So you will have the advantage of great photography result with a light weight option.

Joby GorillaPod

This is very flexible and easy to pack pod which can solve the purpose of a tripod. You can easily use this tripod on a table, or on a tree limbs and get an excellent shots.

A good camera bag

Keeping camera equipments together in a camera bag is a great option. In this way you don’t have to search your photographic gear in suitcase, etc. Camera bags are far more stylish and very customizable.

Portable hard drive

You must be carrying your netbook or laptop for the trip. But it will be hassle to download photograph each time while you are travelling. It’s a better idea to keep SD cards, or any other portable hard drives. It is easy, reliable and all photos will be stored at one place.

Card reader

Keep one card reader in your camera bag. It is the safest way in case you get stuck with full memory card of your camera. And you can easily transfer it to you laptop or other portable devices.

Sensor cleaner

Sensor cleaner is easily forgettable. But it is very useful especially when you doing outdoor photography. Little dust on the lens can damage your costly camera within no time if you do not wipe it properly.

Waterproof plastic bags

You never know when it rains, carry few plastic bags or you can also use small waste bags. It will shield your costly camera instruments from entering water and moisture.

At last but not the least do not forget the battery charger and few extra batteries in case you are using point and shoot camera.

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