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Top Honeymoon Destinations

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best honeymoon destinations for numerous newlyweds. Especially for the Americans, it is on the top among all other exotic honeymoon getaways. The main reason is that it is a part of United States of America, hence they do not require passport or visa. Also it is one of the nearest tropical islands to visit from United States. Weather here is unimaginably pleasant year round.

Destination Hawaii offers white sandy beaches, lush green forests, active volcanoes, and beautiful coastlines. All these varieties of scenic attractions attract visitors and making it as a perfect romantic destination.

There are various activities that one can do in Hawaii starting from adventure, sightseeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, different types of sailing, and fun filled night life.

One can easily find hotels and resorts at very affordable prices here. But do not take chances, it’s your honeymoon trip, make sure you book it well in advance.

2. Mexico

Mexico offers a beautiful honeymoon getaway. As it shares the continent with United States and Canada, honeymooners are abundant from these countries. Mexico is culturally rich country plus it offers great variety of delicious food. It is a place for pure relaxation with its clear blue exciting beaches. Mostly couples go there for its gorgeous beaches, but Mexico offers variety of other places to go around too like desert, plateaus, and high mountains. With such diversity in the landscape it offers something for every taste. It is a special place for romancing. There are lots of adventures couple can do in Mexico like parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, diving, rock climbing, etc. And off course it is also one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations.

Cancun is one the most famous location. It is located on the south-east coast of Mexico and lies in Quintana Roo state in the Yucatan Peninsula. The coastal area of Cancun is full of luxurious hotels along with nice and cool waterside restaurants and bars.

Cancun is a major international airport. It offers many luxurious hotels. It has long miles of white sandy beach and crystal clear water. The nightlife of Cancun is just perfect for the newly wedded couples. You can go for the water sports, eco parks. It offers one of the best areas for snorkeling, and scuba diving. It has the second largest reef in the world.

Cancun has everything that newly-wed couples like to have in their honeymoon.

Cancun is also a site for the world’s famous Mayan Culture ruins. Few of the archeological sites are Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum. To the west of Cancun is the city of Merida, which is the present day capital of Yucatan. It was once the city of the Maya in the ancient time.

3. Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the beautiful destinations for an unforgettable Honeymoon. It is located in the southern eastern of Pacific Ocean. It is the highest and the largest island in French Polynesia. The Island offers lots of experiences and romantic memories for all newlywed couples and other travelers.

There is a direct flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti which takes 7 1/2 hours of flying. It is 6000 kms south west of Los Angeles and 4000 kms south east of Hawaii. It shares the same time zone as Hawaii, however the season is just opposite as Tahiti lies in southern hemisphere. Faaa, is the international airport of Tahiti. There is a frequent service of jet liners which links Tahiti with United States’ west coast, South America and Australasian region as well.

The island offers out of the world experience. The turquoise blue water of the ocean, the emerald mountain and the long dazzling white sandy beaches, all these gives people a very refreshing romantic getaway. The lagoons are typically stunning and beautiful. You will find lagoons in Bora Bora, Tikehau, Manihi, Moorea, Rangiroa.

It also offers an overwater bungalow, with a glass viewing windows which is just perfect for the honeymooners. These are very popular lodging that can be found in all these islands but the overwater bungalows’ of Bora Bora are one of the best. You will find the snorkel mask and fins in these overwater bungalow. Just step outside from your room and then dive in the clear water just below your deck. Other than snorkeling, young couple can also do scuba diving, shark and ray feeding encounters.

4. Italy

Italy has become very popular honeymoon destination of the world in the recent times. The fun filled atmosphere of the country attracts many travelers. The country offers little bit of everything starting from Alpine mountains, lakes and beautiful coastline. Also, a visit to historic cities of Rome and Florence will be amazing for young couples.

Some of the very popular and most romantic destinations for an Italian honeymoon are Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Italian Lakes, and Venice.

Amalfi Coast offers the most beautiful coastline in Italy. There are many first rated hotels along the coast where couple can stay as well as enjoy the views of the crystal clear water of the ocean from their balcony. Couple can also take a leisure ride in a boat to enjoy the amazing coastline.

The Italian Lakes is full of beautiful lakes in northern Italy. Lake Como is one of the most popular lakes. It has temperate weather so the place can be enjoyed in any time of the year. Beautiful villas and resorts surround the lake. Couple can take one of the hiking paths on the lake or they can also take a boat trip. It is also famous for various water activities.

Tuscany offers green hills, medieval hills towns, farm houses, beautiful vineyards and lots more. There are lots of things to do in Tuscany. You will find famous Renaissance architecture in Florence, Tuscany.

Venice is a canal-filled city. It offers scenic canals, beautiful old buildings which gives travelers unique experience. It’s a perfect city for romance, photography, history, and delicious food. Exploring Venice would be an unforgettable experience for newly wedded couples.

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