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Grand Canyon National Park

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The Grand Canyon is among the 7 natural wonders of the world. It is a gigantic gorge located in Arizona, USA. This massive gorge is mainly the creation of Colorado River. It is surprising right, but it’s true. It took millions of year for the Colorado River in order to form this majestic canyon. However, it is not the longest or the deepest canyon on earth, but it is recognized as wonders of the world because of its biggest span and beautiful landscape.

Entry to the Canyon:

The near by city from where you can enter the Grand Canyon is Flagstaff, AZ towards South and St. George, UT in North. There are number of entrances from which you can enter the Canyon. Among them South entrance is the most popular one. There are many lookouts from where you can experience the beautiful landscape of the canyon. The entry fee is $25 per private vehicle, and it remains valid for 7 days and covers both North and the South rim. Do not forget to keep your receipt safely. At the entrance you will be provided brochure about the Grand Canyon, a Visitor’s guide book. Visitor guide is like a newspaper. It is really very handy and it has detail information about the view points, trail heads routes, bus routes, parking, etc. There are free shuttle buses available in the south entrance. It is very convenient too. You can park your vehicle and take the shuttle bus and enjoy the beauty. Taking a Shuttle bus is a very good decision if it is a very busy day.

View Points:

The first view point from the South entrance is Mather Point and most of the time it is crowded but it has a breathtaking views. Do not miss it. Towards east, Lipan point and Navajo point also offers breath taking views of the Canyon. You will also find the glimpse of a Colorado River from these points.

Little costly, but the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is really worth. It is the best way to see the grand beauty and vastness of the Canyon.


Hiking down the canyon is extremely treacherous. If someone is not an experienced hikers, it is absolutely a no no. Well there is another option to go down the canyon, i.e on the back of a mule. No matter how fit you are, do not attempt to hike in the pick summer months as the temperature below the canyon is comparatively very high. The most favorable months for hiking the canyon would be spring and fall. Start your hike early in the morning after taking your breakfast. Prepare yourself well before starting. Make sure you have plenty of supplies of water. You must have hiking boots, hat, socks, sunglasses, flash light, toiletries, chap sticks, first aid medicines, your ID and medical insurance card.

Some people visit canyon in a day trip adding with their trip of Las Vegas. Well, if you really want to explore the Grand Canyon and experience its vastness and majesty, it is suggested to have more than a day in your itinerary for this trip. Ideally it is advised to spend at least 3-4 days to enjoy its vastness.


Sunrise and sunset are the best time to capture photographs of the Canyon. It is amazing to see canyon during the sunset. We missed the sunrise.

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