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Unique Restaurants in USA

Not only the food attracts to one restaurant, it is also overall ambience, enjoyment, atmosphere of the restaurant which makes people visit it again and again. Good restaurants will put smile on your face as soon as you enter. There are some bizarre and unique restaurants which will take your breath away.

Here are the lists of few unique restaurants of United States:

Casa Bonita, Denver, Colorado

Casa Bonita restaurant is a kind of Mexican themed restaurant made in a Disneyland style. It is covered in 52,000-square-foot area. It offers a 30-foot-tall waterfall, fire jugglers, cliff divers, strolling mariachi bands, magicians, puppet shows and much more.

Opaque, Los Angeles, California

It’s an extremely unique dining experience in Opaque, Los Angeles. It is located in Santa Monica. Here you will get the taste of food in pitch dark room served by visually impaired servers. People spend their evening in complete darkness, inspiring their senses by talking with other dining companions, understanding and exploring their table settings. Bookings are required to enjoy this dark dining experience.

The Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In this spy themed restaurant you will have to whisper the password into the ear of the doorman in order to enter the restaurant. It is a maize like building and from the front side it seems that you are entering in to the International Exports Ltd. The restaurant was opened in the year 1966. It is truly exciting place in Milwaukee to enjoy your evening.

Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant Sister Bay, Wisconsin

This Swedish family owned restaurant is located in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. It is a unique restaurant where you find goats grazing on the grass roof. It is a single log house on a hill side which is designed in Norway and assembled in the United States. It’s grass covered roof with a live goats grazing attracts hundreds of visitors. Food is excellent.

Tony Packo’s, Toledo, Ohio

It is located across the Maumee River from the downtown Toledo Ohio. The restaurant was founded in the year 1932. This restaurant is well known for its spicy hot dogs, strudel, chili, and hundreds of autographed, plastic-encased hot dog buns which are decorated on its wall.

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