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Weekend Getaways in the Washington State

Seattle, located in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington is surrounded by a breathtaking scenic vistas. You don’t have to plan a lot about the places to go during the weekends. There are lots of places where you can reach within few hours of drive. The only thing can alter your visit is rain. Don’t worry there are lots of indoor activities that you can do here, if you don’t want to go out in rain.

Here are few nearby places where you can enjoy your weekend:

Leavenworth to Ellensburg:

Leavenworth is a beautiful small town 120 miles east of Seattle. It is popularly known as the German village of the Northwest. Drive from Seattle to Leavenworth is very scenic. Even you can extend your scenic drive up to the Ellensburg especially during the Apple season. Along the way you will find acres and acres of land with apple trees. The breathtaking views of the mountains, river, orchards on the way are very much relaxing. For the adventure lovers, there are hiking trails, boating, and horseback riding.

San Juan and Orcas Islands:

San Juan island is a nice weekend getaway especially during the summer time. You will get Washington State Ferry from Anacortes which will take you to the Friday Harbor. Not all the San Juan islands can be accessible to ferry. The major island here are Friday Harbor, Orcas island, Lopez island. On your way to the islands you can find many sea animals including whales, sea gulls, seals, eagles, etc. Orca whales live in these water all the year round, so there are higher possibility that you can see one. There are Orca whales tours available which will take you to exact regions where they found in abundant. With luck, Apart from the sea life viewing, the islands offers scenic vistas al around it. There are beautiful waterfront resorts available where you can relax during the weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life. It offers fine restaurants and great place for shopping as well.

Looping the Mount Rainier:

On a clear sky Mount Rainier can be seen from over 200 miles radius. It is the highest mountain in the Cascade range. It looks so inviting that you cannot miss going there. 14,411 feet high snow capped Mount Rainier offers great opportunity for mountain climbers, hikers, and nature lovers. There are numerous scenic view points along the way. It is perfect place to go in any sunny weekend and take a loop starting from the Paradise point to Sunrise point. Circling around the old growth forest of Douglas fir, hemlocks, and red cedar is very refreshing. Weather of the Mount Rainier National Park is very unpredictable.

Whidbey and Camano Islands

Whidbey and Camano Islands are just perfect weekend getaway for the people of Seattle. Whidbey Island can be reached by the Washington State ferry and Camano Island is connected by the bridge. The islands are located northwest of Seattle and south from San Juan islands. These islands are very popular during the summer times for both locals and international tourists. Whidbey Island enjoys temperate climate so you can see wide varieties of birds including huge numbers of bald eagles.

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