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5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year

Countdown has begun to welcome the new year 2011. We all celebrate and welcome the new year in many ways. Here are the lists of top 5 places where New Year Eve celebrated in the most stylish way.

1. New York City

Times Square is the most happening place to visit during the New Year. Every New Year in the midnight of 31st December, people eyes turns to the stunning lights of the Times Square. It has become more like a tradition here than a celebration. And the legendary is the New Year’s Eve crystal Ball which move down from the flagpole above the Times Square. Millions of people around the country watch live on their television sets and thousands and thousands of people gather near Times Square to join this celebration.

2. New Orleans

New Year Eve celebration in New Orleans is slightly different than anywhere else. Well, to see the main celebration and the crowds, head towards the Jackson Square. This place on December 31st packed with the festive partyer, live music is featured. And in the midnight “Baby Bacchus” drop from the Jax Brewery followed by the rounds of firework display on the banks of river Mississippi. Apart from this many restaurants and bars features remarkable entertainment programs. Make sure that you check it ahead of time or you will not get tickets.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona celebrates the New Year in great style. The famous is its tradition of 12 grapes eating on the New Year Eve’s. They swallow 12 grapes as a good luck for the next 12 months of the year. People here enjoy partying, dancing, music, feast, drinking, and much more. You can enjoy various live performances starting from salsa, ballroom dance, and hell lot of other surprising events. It is a weeklong celebration for the New Year. Huge fireworks and bottle rockets dazzled on the sky of Barcelona.

4. Vienna

People of Vienna celebrate New Year in a very graceful manner. When clock strikes 12 on December 31st, the Blue Danube Waltz strikes up and welcome the New Year with great pomp and show. The celebrations on the streets starts early in the afternoon of 31st. People starts partying, festive music, food, drink, and spectacular fireworks at night. The old city of Vienna fully transformed in to a party place where entertainers demonstrate various programs like pop, rock, opera, and off course folk music.

5. Rio de Janeiro

The celebration of the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro’s is the most popular holiday of the city after the famous Brazilian carnival. It is such a big celebration in the city that it requires prior planning and so they start it pretty early in the month of August. Hotels and resorts starts releasing their holiday packages during this time. Over 2 million visitors and locals joins together in the New Year Eve celebration on the legendary Copacabana beach.

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