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Dubai – A Great Shopping Paradise

Dubai is one of the most popular shopping capitals of the world. The shopaholics from around the world visit Dubai for shopping, even they route their flight through Dubai for shopping only. For those who are new to Dubai and want to do shopping , here are few shopping items you would like to buy when you are there:


The city of Dubai is the paradise for carpet lovers. Most popular ones are fine Persian carpets, Kurdish kilims, colourful Turkish and rough-knotted Bedouin rugs. You will find very fine quality carpets at good prices. Well you have to do some bargaining. There are hundreds and thousands of choices to choose from. You will find wide varieties of good quality carpets in Deira Tower shopping mall in Baniyas Square. Here most of the traders are from Iran.

Arabian Souvenirs

Arabian souvenirs are next very popular that visitors buy from here for gifts or for the home. The prices of this souvenir vary widely and present days these come from Oman or India.


Shopping for gold in Dubai is always a good buy at all times of the year. Dubai is famously known as the “city of gold” for its good quality gold. It sells and imports huge amount of gold. Once you walk around Gold Souk, you will come to know that it indeed deserves this title. It is available in various carats starting from 18, 21, 22 to 24 carats. You will also find very beautiful designs of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and so on. Dubai’s Gold bazaar is well known around the globe for its low prices and best quality gold.


One can find beautiful khanjars here. Khanjars are the curved dagger of Islamic countries. Usually the handles of khanjars were made from the horns of rhino but these days handles made of wood are also very common. The general khanjars contains 2 rings in which the belt is attached and its scabbards are beautifully adorned with silver wire. The difficulty of these silver wired-thread patterns determines the cost of the khanjars. However, the Sayidi khanjars consists of 5 rings and are mostly covered n silver sheet with very less or no wire. The costs of these khanjars are determined by its weight and craftsmanship.


At Dubai Perfume Bazaar, you will find hundreds and thousands of aromas and fragrance attracting you. It takes time to choose the best one for you as the range is so wide. You will find traditional ittars to designer perfumes at the same place. For your information, the Arabic perfumes are very strong and spicy as compare to western perfumes. You can get perfumes in any shopping malls but Dubai Perfume Souk is definitely the best place for perfume shopping.

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