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Essential Things to Carry on a Road Trip

Planning for a road trip this summer? Road trip is the most popular adventure for thousands of Americans every year in the summer months. It is indeed a great way to enjoy the views of places all along the way.

The summer season is just on its way, and so must be the road trip planning. Soon we must be hitting the road, and we must not forget about the essential things to carry on a road trip.

Here are the lists of 10 essential things that you should carry on your next road trip.

Enough snacks, energy bars, and Water:

It is not like you will not get food, snacks and water once you get out on the road, but it is more important to have enough in case you don’t find any shops for miles and also if you are travelling with kids. Carrying food for day or two will also save you some money and time on eating in the restaurants. You must also carry enough water with you.

Travel Blanket and Pillow:

You are not only going for a long drive and come home in the evening. You will be driving some 100 miles at times. You must take care that family gets proper rest at times. Pillows and blanket give some support after a long time sitting idle in the car. Even though you will not need blanket as it is summer, sometimes people love to bring on the air conditioning to the fullest and hug the blanket all around.

Important things for your car:

Even if you have given your car for servicing just before the trip, machine is machine; it is wise to put battery jumpers in your car. What if you are travelling through a road where there are no shops for miles and miles and no mobile network? You do not see any cars coming so that you can get help. There are safety concerns as well. Battery jumper will help you saving your precious time to get help in case you are in this type of emergency situation. Apart from the battery jumper, make sure you have spare tire, jack, and a tire iron. It is highly possible to get a flat tire, then what you will do in the middle of nowhere. If you have these things at least you can fix it yourself and when you reach next town you can give the flat tire for repair.

Extra Gas:

You know that there are gas stations every few miles, even though it is wise to have a box filled with few gallons of gas in it. You never know you might get in to situation when you are out of gas and there is no gas station for miles. It will save your time and unnecessary hassles, which will ruin your enjoyable road trip.

Power Inverter:

The most important thing everyone should carry when they are going on a road trip is the power inverter. It is obvious that you will carry a cell phone, laptop, and some entertainment devices for yourself and the kids who are travelling with you. Power inverters are of great use, you can use the car’s power by using the power inverter and plug in to any of your laptops and cell phones.

Trash bag:

Even though it is a small thing, but it will be of great use and very essential things to carry along in the trip. Travelling along with kids, you tend to have snacks, drinks more often in the car. You will need a trash bag to collect trashes, which will come along with eating and drinking. If you do not carry the trash bags, you will find trash all around you in the car. Trash bags, which are specifically designed to carry in a car, are great as it is self-supporting and leak proof.

First Aid Kit:

One of the most important things to keep in your car is the first aid kit. It is essential whether you are going on a long road trip or going locally to some parks. Injuries can happen anywhere and if you have first aid kit with you, you do not have to worry about small injuries. First aid kit is very important especially when you are travelling with kids. Apart from these, you can also buy survival kit package found in various sports stores and Costco.

Road maps:

Off course, GPS navigation is of great help now a days but we should not blindly follow what it says. We must have a paper road map of the places. Believe it or not, paper map is of great use especially in the North and north-westerns part of United States. Remember, above are not the exhaustive lists about the essential things to carry on a road trip. There are many more things to carry. Also depends upon person to person and their needs. Comments are most welcome on this article.

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